How to became bronze to heroic player in free fire within a few days


Do you want to learn how to become a hero in the Garena free fire game? The article is for you in achieving your objectives as fast as possible.

Among duo, squad and solo, which is the best mode to reach in the heroic tier?

Isn’t it true that “solo” means “alone”? You’re in a duo with a pal. In squad mode, you play with your teammates. Consider what is best for you at this time.

All of the settings are ideal for achieving your objective. However, if you want to reach the heroic rank in fewer than two days, I recommend playing the solo mode. Because of various obstacles, I don’t recommend that you play with the squad and pair to become heroic in free fire.

The issues are as follows: first, you’ll need an experienced team or a friend who won’t switch parties (always play with you). Furthermore, the partners must share your objectives. To put it another way, you should all go to the battleground to increase your rank. The majority of the time, a squad or a friend violates the team rules, with one player pursuing treasure while the other pursues kills. The game is so ended.

Second, there is a lower probability of receiving booyah in every match in the squad. Your opponent is similar to you, and he or she may be more competent than your squad. As a result of the aggressive opponents, it’s difficult to camp in a single location. And you know how important it is to attain the heroic level in free fire booyah and survival time.

So, if you have the finest and most loyal team, the squad and pair are the best options for heroic tier play (it’s difficult to find such pals). Otherwise, going alone is the best option.

Is solo always the best choice to become heroic?

Look, every option has advantages and disadvantages. However, there are more benefits to performing solo than drawbacks.


It’s your kingdom, your dominion, and there’s no need to ask anyone. You may play alone at any time and in any location. If you wish to play squad, though, you’ll need to convince your pals to join you for the rank push. However, due to a different aim, your friend will not cheer you on during the game.

No one will tell you what to do, and it is up to you to make the best option. You are free to play the game according to your own strategies.


Playing alone mode is tedious because there will be no one to converse with. To survive in the battleground, you must also have a high-level skill. Because no one will come to your aid if you are knocked unconscious.

But don’t worry; it’ll only take a few days to acclimate. I’m sure you’re a master fighter, but you might use some pointers.

Tips to reach in the heroic tire within 2 days in free fire

Make a mood

You can’t make your thoughts focus on anything. Launch free fire only if you’re in the mood to play if you want to obtain a heroic title quickly. As you may be aware, in order to progress in heroic, you must play against elite players while being focused. However, if your attitude dictates otherwise, don’t force yourself to begin the match for the rank push.

Select best character and pet

On free fire, there are a variety of characters and pets, each with their own special skill. However, your health is the most important factor to consider throughout the rank push assignment. As a result, if you want to embark on a heroic fast, you should choose DJ Alok. Healer Alok will improve your survival time to achieve top place for achieving heroic tier in the free fire since he has a fantastic healing and movement ability that will aid you during the match and out of the zone. Another consideration is that you must select the ideal pet for the contest. I’ve compiled a list of pets from which you may select for the rank push.

Use the best loadout

Scanner and bonfire are the best loadouts for heroic matches.
(Scanner)- It is used to determine how many adversaries have landed and their location during landing. It assists you in landing safely.

(Bonefire): You can use it to boost your HP and EP. However, you must wait a few minutes for it to become active. The major benefit of a bonfire is that it may be used in the last zone. For the rank pusher, it is the most useful provider. So, in Free fire, utilize a scanner and a bonfire to embark on a heroic fast.

Focus on booyah

You must acquire a good position and booyah in each match to get to the heroic tier. You can’t choose a map while pushing rank, but you may choose a landing spot. To begin, you must choose the ideal drop place. It must be secure and brimming with treasure. You can land on these places to receive booyah for the heroic:

Bermuda map: Aden’s creek, Observatory, Kota-Tua, Academ.

Kalahari map: The Maze, Stone Ridge, Shrimes, Old space Hampton.

Purgatory Map: Quarry, Mt. Villa, Ski Lodge.

Some other

1.Play zone to zone to increase your survival time.
2.Use a powerful weapon with a combination.
3.Don’t fight or fire out of the zone as much as possible.

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