How to build an oven in Grounded


In Grounded, crafting is a must, and the Oven is another crafting station that players can build to their base. The Oven has a lot of useful functions, such as smelting, and players shouldn’t miss it if they don’t have to.

To obtain an Oven, players will need to create it, as with many other things in Grounded. However, they must first obtain a building module in order to access the Oven. The Advanced Production Buildings module is the name of this module. Although it is technically purchased, it must first be located and returned to the vendor.

The Oven module may be found in the Haze Lab, which is located in the southwestern section of the Grounded map. Once inside, players must proceed to the Haze Lab’s back and inspect a table. The module will be found there by the players.

Players should head to BURG.L and hand over the Advanced Production Building module once they get the module. The module can now be acquired for 4,000 raw science after the item is handed in, and the Oven will be unlocked for crafting. If necessary, BURG.L can additionally give raw science with daily updates.

After you’ve unlocked the Oven, you’ll need to create it and place it within a Grounded base. Only a few different sorts of components are required, but they may take some time to obtain. 10 clay, four boiling glands, and one charcoal chunk are the materials.

There are several areas or opponents to seek for in order to find all of the ingredients. With a shovel, you can easily find the clay in the garden or around the base. Bombardier Beetles can be defeated and looted for boiling glands. Then there’s the charcoal, which can be obtained easily in the map’s BBQ location.

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