How to Buy Battle Coins (BC) in PUBG Mobile Lite Using Midasbuy


PUBG Mobile Lite’s in-game currency is Battle Coins (BC). This currency can be used to purchase various in-game items available in the Battle Royale title. In PUBG Mobile Lite, these in-game items can range from gun skins to the Winner Pass.

Battle Coins must be purchased with real money. They can either top up the required amount in-game or visit top up websites.

Players can purchase Winner Pass in PUBG Mobile Lite Season 28 using Battle Coins

Midasbuy is one such website where you can buy PUBG Mobile Lite Battle Coins. PUBG Mobile players can also use the site to replenish their in-game currency, Unknown Cash (UC), Royale Pass, and other items.

Because PUBG Mobile Lite is illegal in India, Indian mobile gamers will be unable to purchase Battle Coins from the Midasbuy website.

Steps to follow to top up PUBG Mobile Lite Battle Coins from Midasbuy

Step 1: Players must go to the Midasbuy website. They can be redirected by clicking here.

List of countries available (Image via Midasbuy)

Step 2: They will then have to select their country.

List of games available for the Malaysian region (Image via Midasbuy)

Step 3: From the list of games that appears, users must select PUBG Mobile Lite.

Player ID and payment method (Image via Midasbuy)

Step 4: PUBG Mobile players must enter their Player ID and payment method.

Battle Coins top up options (Image via Midasbuy)

Step 5: They will need to select the number of Battle Coins they want to top up.

“Pay now” (Image via Midasbuy)

Step 6: Players must select the “Pay now” option.

It should be noted that the price of Battle Coins and payment methods vary by country.

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