How to change server with or without vpn in Garena free fire


How to change server with or without vpn in Garena free fire

Garena Free Fire is now one of the most popular games on the Google Play Store. The first edition of this book was published in 2017. However, following India’s PUBG ban, the game’s popularity surged. Players who have played this game know that it does not enable cross-server play. This does not, however, rule out the option of playing with friends from other servers.

Free Fire, on the other hand, does not show any choices for transferring servers, causing users to assume it is a hoax. In the game, however, it is possible to switch servers.

Table of Contents

1.The three best Free Fire Servers:
2.Choose a VPN and install it
3.How to change Free Fire Server with VPN
4.Using a Guest Account
5.Make a new login account for yourself
6.Enlist the help of friends
7.How to Change server in Free Fire without VPN

The three best Free Fire Servers:


Choose a VPN and install it

1.Clear the app data of Free Fire from the settings menu. (Before you do this, make sure your current account is linked to Google or Facebook.)
2.Change your location to the desired region/server by using a VPN.

How to change Free Fire Server with VPN
In Free Fire, there are now three ways to change your servers:

Using a Guest Account

To create a guest account, you’ll need to utilize a VPN. If you already have a guest account, you must remove it first. This may be done by linking the game to Google, VK, or Facebook, or by removing the game’s data files from the app’s settings.

1.Close Garena Free Fire and connect to your selected server using VPN. Start the game now that you’ve picked a server.

2.The next step is to create a new guest account and enable the VPN.

3.If your selected server name shows in the region in the bottom left corner, it signifies you have successfully established a new account on that server.

Make a new login account for yourself

Your current guest account will not be deleted as a result of this technique. You are also not required to erase your data files. To create a Google or Facebook account, simply utilize a VPN in the appropriate location. After that, just connect this new account’s login details to your existing Garena Free Fire guest account.

Enlist the help of friends

This approach is largely reliant on your desire to play with friends from different servers. It will make things easy for you. In this approach, all you have to do is invite your buddies to create a new guest account on their own server. They might even create a new Google, Facebook, or Vk account that they can share with you.

Once they’ve finished, ask them to share their account details with you. The next step is to log out of your current account. Also log in with the updated credentials. You’ll get a new account for Garena Free Fire on their server this method.

How to Change server in Free Fire without VPN

Servers are mostly reliant on events. To change your server, you must participate in events and, more importantly, select the best servers for the event.

You can change your server by this method:

1.Go to settings
2.Go to language and then click on Indonesia
3.Confirm after you click on Indonesia
4.Now you have to quit the game
5.Open the Free Fire game again
6.There you can see that your region is India but your language has been changed to Indonesia
7.Now, logout your account from Free Fire
8.Now you have to create a new account whether it be of Facebook, Google, Twitter etc.
9.When you log in to Free Fire with the new account, you can see that there is no region there
10.There you can see that it will ask about which region you want choose.
11.From there you can change you change your server easily.

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