How to Complete This Week’s Clan War Missions in COD Mobile


In Season 4, COD Mobile added a new game mode called Clan Wars, making the game much more of a grind fest than it previously was. The finest aspect of Clan Wars is that being a member of a clan signifies something to the players. In this mode, there is a dedicated store where players can purchase various upgrades and skins by trading the clan cash earned by winning Clan Wars every week in COD Mobile.

Clan Wars begin on Tuesdays and finish on Sundays. Six clans band together to compete by grinding for various tasks distributed throughout the week. Players can also combine Clan War grinds with camo grinds to obtain the Diamond or Damascus camos.

Every mission in Clan Wars awards a distinct number of Clan node points, which ultimately add together to create the overall score. The amount of contribution that any clan member may provide is unlimited; nevertheless, it is ideal if all clan members participate to secure a win. Furthermore, greater efforts are rewarded, and players that contribute the most in each conflict will eventually get more clan cash than others.

This week in COD Mobile Clan Wars

Clan Wars currently has three active missions, each with a countdown showing when it will refresh and when new missions will be added to COD Mobile.

#1 Royale Elite

Clan War mission 1 (via COD Mobile) Clan War mission 2 (via COD Mobile)
Clan War mission 1 (via COD Mobile) Clan War mission 2 (via COD Mobile)

Players must compete in Battle Royale mode and place in the top three in each lobby. They will receive 60 points for each victory. Players will need to play in Classic mode here because Alcatraz will not operate. Playing with clan teams will be the most effective approach to get 240 points in each match.

#2 Sparrow

Clan Wars mission 2 (via COD Mobile)
Clan Wars mission 2 (via COD Mobile)

In multiplayer dominance mode, players must remove as many adversaries as possible with a Sparrow. They will receive 20 points for each kill made using the Operator Skill. This task may also be performed in rated dominance. The ideal plan would be to employ the Overclock perk to speed up the charging of their Operator Skill.

#3 Shipment Enthusiasm

Clan Wars mission 3 (via COD Mobile)
Clan Wars mission 3 (via COD Mobile)

In the Shipment 10 versus 10 playlist on COD Mobile, players must remove as many adversaries as possible. They can kill with any main weapon or handgun to get three points each kill. Again, the optimal approach would be to play with clan teams to maximize point accrual every match. In this task, players can also grind camos.

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