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You can set up a custom room and play with a group of people set on Free Fire, in addition to finding similarities in various settings facing random players on the Internet.

Each game in games like CS: GO and DOTA 2 has only ten participants. Currently, because each game in Free Fire has 50 players, most players will not need to use a unique room in Free Fire. This function is used to organize a competition or event. In this tutorial, we will go through the steps of building a custom room in Free Fire.
How To Customize A Room With Free Fire – What You Need?
Because this function is usually used by tournament organizers and not many regular players, creating a custom in Free Fire requires you to have something called a ‘Custom Room Card.’ For Free Fire, this is the only way to customize the Room.

You should first get this item before learning how to customize a room in Free Fire. In Free Fire, there are various ways to get a Custom Room Card.

Use Diamonds to Buy a Custom Chamber Card at the Store

Free Fire recently added the ability to purchase Custom Room Cards with Diamonds directly at the in-game store. This is a simple and easy-to-use way to get a Custom Room Card and build a Custom Room. Each custom card requires 100 diamonds to be purchased. While this is not the cheapest option, it is always the best option. In the main free fireplace, tap the store icon, and select the item tab to get a custom card deck.

Use Winner badges from a show event to purchase a custom room card
Winner Badges from the Showdown event can be used to receive a Custom Room Card. The event is now over, but Free Fire may return it next time. For 150 Winner Badges, you can get one Single Room Card.

Get a Custom Room Card from Weekly Earnings

This is an easy way to get free custom room cards on free fire. As the last Guild Reward box has given you a room card, all you have to do is join a working group that regularly hits the 1800 Dog Tag every week. As long as everyone in your guide works, this is a breeze. You will get the added benefits of getting your Guild’s Dog Tag.

How To Make A Custom Room For Free Fire – A Step-by-Step Guide

If you have received a Custom Room Card in one of the methods listed above, you can now create a Custom Room in Free Fire. Here’s a step-by-step tutorial for making a Custom Room in Free Fire.

Tap Game Mode in the top right corner of your screen in the main reception area of ​​Free Fire.
After that, tap custom, then create a Room Build button.

Your room name and password are the most sensitive parts. You will need to keep these two things in mind so that others can join the room.

free fire 1gb setting

Thanks to its unique character of the character, Free Fire is one of the most popular mobile games in the world. He will start the game on an abandoned island with 50 other players, researching weapons and equipment. Players will fight alone until only one player is left.

Free Fire runs on low-end devices with 2GB RAM or 1GB RAM because of its simple graphics. However, because it is a war royale game that has a lot to offer, if you use 1GB of Android device, you may have to slow down a bit. We will teach you how to cure lag in Free Fire 1GB RAM and improve your gaming experience.

How To Set Up Lag In Free Fire 1GB RAM – Free up your memory
Only 1GB of RAM is enough to use Free Fire on your phone. So, how can you play Free Fire without dumping only 1GB of RAM? Before you can start using Free Fire, you must first release some RAM. To get the best free fire experience, you will need to use as much RAM as possible.

Here are some options to free up RAM on your Android device:

To stop background apps: Go to the latest apps panel and select Clear All to delete all background apps.

Uninstall non-essential apps: Killing background apps frees up RAM a bit, so you should uninstall or disable all apps you don’t use. To identify and uninstall applications that you do not need, go to All Applications under Settings.

Remove Widgets and Live Wallpaper: These features improve the look of your phone, but also use more RAM. Just remove all widgets from your screen and change your wallpaper with a photo.

Disable animation and transitions: This makes your phone look smooth and cool while using RAM. To access the developer options, first go to “Settings-> About phone” and then tap “Create number” until it opens. Then uncheck the “Window Scale window,” “Transition animation scale,” and Animator rating scale “in” Settings-> Developer settings. “

Clear free fire archive: In Settings, go to all apps and check Free Fire. To clear all data, go to Free Fire and select Clear Cache.
How to Set Up Lag In Free Fire 1GB RAM – Check your Internet connection
Your game may be blocked from time to time due to your internet connection rather than your RAM. Here are some tips on how to reduce lag in Free Fire by improving it

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