How to Earn Coupons in PUBG Contraband


Contraband Coupons are required to acquire the new cosmetics offered in Season 12 of PUBG.
New events, skin upgrades, and event points to spend on cosmetics will be available in PUBG’s Battle of the Contrabands. Here are a few options for getting new cosmetics Contraband coupons.

How to Get a PUBG Contraband Coupon
Players can participate in the game’s celebration of the debut of its new weapon skin upgrade system by earning contraband coupons:

  • Click ‘Join Event’ on the Event Page to participate.
  • Play and complete daily missions to earn Event Points.
  • Collect points to earn Contraband Coupons!
  • Multiple Contraband Coupons can be used to open Contraband crates.
  • Rewards: 90 Contraband Coupons

Contraband crates, which cost 10 coupons, can be purchased using these coupons. These crates include the following:

  • Upgradable weapon skins
  • Ordinary weapon skin, special grade or above (Special, Rare, Elite, Epic)
  • Schematics (Material)
  • Polymer (Material)

From June 2 to June 15, this event will be available on PC, and from June 10 to June 23, it will be available on console. The show begins at 3 a.m. ET. As a result, players can earn a total of 90 Contraband coupons by taking part in this event. El Solitario Collaboration is an event where gamers can earn points and cosmetics by completing daily assignments.

Because the point system for the event that players have earned expires once the period has ended, it is critical to stay active throughout this time in order to collect as many points as possible.

PUBG Crossplay

Cross-platform gaming is becoming increasingly prevalent these days, and PUBG is no exception. The record-breaking battle royale that popularized the genre now allows gamers on consoles and Stadia to play with their friends on different platforms. Expect to see crossplay functionality come up a lot more frequently as the latest console generations progress. Thanks to a helpful upgrade to the in-game friends list, getting set up with PUBG crossplay is quite simple.

It’s easy to enable PUBG crossplay across Xbox One and PlayStation 4. The in-game buddies list is divided into several categories. The first list, titled “Platform,” displays your existing buddy list on the platform you’re currently using.

Then there’s the PUBG list, which you can customize by adding friends from various platforms. Simply type in a person’s name and choose to follow them. Once you’ve started following them, they’ll start appearing in this list.

You can invite your friends or anyone you follow from these lists, and you’ll be able to play PUBG cross platform. It’s that simple; there’s no need to enable it anyplace; simply follow the instructions and you’ll be fine.

You can team up with gamers on console using the same ways outlined above if you’re playing PUBG on Google Stadia. You might also be asking if playing on a console with a keyboard and mouse will allow you to play with PC players. However, regardless of whether you use a gamepad or a keyboard and mouse, cross platform is still disabled.

PUBG PC Crossplay

Unfortunately, PUBG PC crossplay is not available at this time. This is primarily owing to the fact that PC gamers have the advantage of using a mouse and keyboard over console players who use a controller. It’s not strange to see this because crossplay is a fairly common occurrence in certain games. If there is a PvP or competitive element, it is frequently kept apart from PC viewers, and PUBG is no exception.

If you’re hoping that PUBG cross platform would eventually include PC players, I believe you’ll be disappointed. It’s unlikely to happen, and given that crossplay between consoles has been enabled for some time, it’s unlikely to alter overnight. Never say never, right?

This restriction on PC-to-console crossplay also applies to Stadia. As a result, PC players will not be able to link up with pals who play on Stadia. Breakthrough, the most recent survivor pass, is now available, providing players with additional treasure and perks to earn.

PUBG Console

The PUBG Console Update 13.1 is expected to offer a slew of new features and tweaks to the famous battle royale game.
Here’s what’s new in PUBG: Battlegrounds with the 13.1 console update before you go into war.

Everything You Need to Know About PUBG Console Update 13.1
The following are included in the PUBG Console 13.1 Update:

Packages with Multiple Services

The quantity of Care Packages has been increased: Standard Care Packages (1) and Small Care Packages (5–15).

Ammo, healing items, and throwables are all included in the Multi-drop Care Package. Standard Care Package spawn items can be discovered within, but only with a small chance.

Room with a Secret

How to Enter the Secret Room: Once you get the key, open the secret room door and enter to loot the goodies.

Self-AEDs, scopes, a small chance of Care Package goods, a large quantity of healing items, and throwables are among the items available.

Landing in an Emergency
The emergency landing plane moves quicker than the regular starting plane, but the fall height varies significantly, resulting in a wide range of falling durations.
You can travel further if you jump higher at the start of the trip. As the plane’s height drops, the shorter the distance you can travel the later you jump off.

If you don’t leap out of the plane, you’ll incur 50% damage at the end of the flight.


Most surfaces, with the exception of water, glass, automobiles, and players, can be sprayed.

Sprays can only be used up close and in most scenarios, including when moving and standing stationary.

In the lobby, sprays are not permitted.

Most surfaces, with the exception of water, glass, automobiles, and players, can be sprayed.
Sprays can only be used up close and in most scenarios, including when moving and standing stationary.

In the lobby, sprays are not permitted.

Under the Customize – Emotes & Sprays option, you can equip sprays.

At any given time, each player can only have one spray visible in the world, with fresh sprays replacing old ones.

Updates from Sanhok

Geographical improvements to the northwest island include the addition of small cliffs and rocks to serve as cover on the island’s south beach.

The following modes are being removed from AS, OC, and SA servers: Map Rotation Paramo has been removed from Solo and Duo Matchmaking, and Karakin has been added to Normal Matches.

Erangel, Miramar, Sanhok, Vikendi, and Karakin are all available in Normal Matches.

Season 13 of Ranked

All eligible players will receive their Season 12 prizes, including nameplates/emblems, at the start of Season 13, which will be available for the length of the season.

With the start of the following season, honor-based awards from Season 12 will be deleted from the inventory.

Emblems and Nameplates for Season 12 Ranked Mode (Players who participate in at least 10 Ranked Matches will receive an emblem and nameplate that corresponds to their season rank.) An Animated Ranked Emblem is given to Platinum Tier and higher. An Animated Nameplate will be given to the Master Tier. A Unique Animated Emblem and Nameplate are awarded to the top 500 players. Honor-based emblems will now appear on your PUBG ID and will be displayed to foes after you defeat them. Emblems will also be visible to spectators and in the Death Cam.) (Gold V and higher players will receive a Season 12 Ranked Parachute Skin.)

Season 12 Ranked Mode will come to a conclusion on August 12th KST when the servers go into maintenance (Console). Season 13 Ranked Mode will begin when the live server update goes live next month.
How will my awards be delivered? : At the start of each new season, all rewards are automatically provided. The rewards can be found on the pop-up screen that appears when you check in for the first time in the new season.

Changes in Ranked Season 13: Ranked Season 12 (the lowest level of demotion is 3,000 RP). Even if you don’t play Ranked for seven days or more, you can keep your Diamond Rank.) , Season 13 Ranked (RP can now fall below 3,000). For players in the Diamond tier or higher who do not play Ranked at least once a week, 100 RP will be deducted per day. The player loses 100 RP per day until he or she plays a Ranked match. Decay is also halted when RP falls below 3,000. This means that when you reach Platinum I, the deduction ceases.) The Diamond tier can’t be kept by players who don’t engage in Ranked for 7 days or more in a succession.

Changes in Item Spawn
Changes in the Spawn Rate: Stocks: -1 percent, Stun Grenade: -14 percent, Molotov Cocktail: -3 percent, Self AED +37 percent
Newly added items include: C4, Spike Trap, and Emergency Pickup

Updated Weapon Balance

Sniper Rifles (Kar98k (+Julie’s Kar98k), Mosin-Nagant, M24) have had their ballistics adjusted: Muzzle velocity increased by 20-25 m/s. Bullet trajectory is somewhat flatter. Reduced drag. Long-range damage coefficient increased (0.9 0.95).

The following Sniper Rifles’ mechanics have been tweaked: Kar98k (+Julie’s Kar98k), Mosin-Nagant, M24 Bolt-action delay has been reduced, and bolt-action speed has been increased. After bolting, the transition to scoping is faster, and the rate of firing is higher.

DMRs have had their balances adjusted as follows: For the Mini 14, QBU, SKS, and SLR, increased bullet drop and reduced damage coefficient at long range. The Mk12’s long-range damage coefficient has been reduced.
QBZ (Increased damage (41 42) ARs: Horizontal recoil has been lowered slightly.), G36C (Slightly reduced horizontal recoil.)
LMGs: DP-28 (Increased damage (51)), M249 (Increased damage (52). (Reduced horizontal recoil during extended sprays.)

PP-19 BIZON (Increased damage (35, 36).) SMGs: PP-19 BIZON (Increased damage (35, 36).)

The full patch notes on PUBG’s official website have further information on WSUS Updates, UI/UX Improvements, QoL Improvements, Performance, Items and Skins, and Bug Fixes.

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