How to earn ffic gold token freely and unlock gold characters


This article will teach you how to get more gold in the Garena free fire game. The most valuable thing in the free fire game is gold (coins). Because gold is utilized to obtain and upgrade special gold characters. It’s also utilized to unlock legendary or mythic clothing by spinning the ‘gold royale.’

Earn extra gold in a Garena free fire and upgrade and unlock the characters.

Play ranked match.

The ranked match in the free fire is the best source to collect more gold.

By winning a ranked match, you can get 300 to 600 coins for free. The reward depends on your rank. Therefore, try to push your tire for more golds in every match.

Elite pass.

An elite pass is another way to gain gold in free fire. It will provide you with some gold. However, if you haven’t upgraded, the ‘non-elite pass’ will provide you with some gold.

By using the free elite pass, you will receive 850 golds.

Additionally, by purchasing an elite pass, you will receive 850 + 1000 golds (for a total of 1850 golds).

Bonus rewards.

The bonus award can potentially provide you with free coins. If you spin gold royale, you’ll get some gold depending on how long you spin.

You can get 100 + 100 gold for free by spinning for the first and fifth times.

And in the 10th, 15th and 20th spin, you will get some tokens, supplier, pet food and gold royale voucher.

Therefore, keep claiming your daily rewards.

Seasonal rewards.

In the free fire, you might get a lot of gold from the second prize. Simply increase your rank to gain additional cash in each subsequent season.

Active rewards.

Every day in the free fire, you can earn more than 120 coins from the active assignment. In addition, you can earn gold royale coupons, pet food, and tokens.

Just complete an active mission like,

Play 1 game of rank mode
Play 3 game of any mode
Get top 5 in squad mode once
Get top 15 in single-mode once
Kill 5 enemies
Play 1 game with friends

It is not tough to finish the missions. So, don’t forget to try them out every day to increase your currency total in the free fire game.

Daily login rewards

It’s the most efficient way to make 350 golds per week in Free Fire.

Additionally, daily login rewards include suppliers, memory fragments, silver loot crates, and temporary dresses. You can receive them for free without having to complete any tasks.

Garena Free Fire is growing across the global markets despite being a latecomer to the Battle Royale scene. It has surpassed massive titles like PUBG Mobile and COD: Mobile to achieve the Google Play Store’s “Best Popular Game” for 2019. Free Fire has been downloaded over 500 million times as of February 2020. Perhaps the intriguing new aspects it adds to the original BR gameplay assist to attract the masses’ attention. The character system is a great addition, with DJ Alok leading the popular picks lists. Today, we’ll show you how to unlock Free Fire Alok’s character and unravel the mystery surrounding his gold purchase.

Free Fire Alok Character Unlock – About DJ Alok

Garena Free Fire now has a roster of over 30 characters, each with a special power that could tip the game’s balance. However, because of their immensely OP abilities, many players turn to a few power-picks. DJ Alok is unquestionably the best in this area. Many people want to obtain Free Fire Alok’s special skill, Drop the Beat. It emits an aura that boosts movement speed and heals all allies within a 5-meter radius. At the maximum level, the boost values scale up to 15% increased speed and 5 HP per.

Such a lively personality, on the other hand, will not be easy to come by. DJ Alok is now available for 599 Diamonds in the in-game market, which is the highest price for a character buy. That demonstrates how powerful he can be in the proper hands. However, due to the steep price tag, users have moved to a gold-based alternative: Free Fire Alok character unlock. There are videos on YouTube stating that you can receive 2000 gold for free by unlocking the Fire Alok character. Unfortunately, they’re all clickbait-style bogus news. So, how can we get our hands on the strong DJ Alok?

Free Fire Alok Character Unlock APK

Though we actively oppose the use of MOD APKs, it is maybe the only option to get Free Fire Alok Character Unlock without having to participate in any events. You are breaking Garena’s Terms of Service by downloading and using mods. This activity could result in severe penalties, the most severe of which is a permanent ban. However, if you’re willing to take that chance in order to obtain Free Fire Alok Character Unlock, the Free Fire MOD APK is your best option.

Free Fire Alok Character Unlock APK Features:
Gameplay assisting system: Auto-Aim, Wallhack, Auto-Update
Unlimited supply of Diamonds, Gold Coins, and Garena Shells
All characters unlocked, including Free Fire Alok character unlock free
Access to all the outfits, skins, and exclusive bundles for free
Unlock Elite Pass instantly

As appealing as it may appear, utilizing Free Fire MOD APK puts you and your smartphone in jeopardy. Please keep in mind that Garena Free Fire is a server-based game, which means that your account information is maintained on the server. As a result, the MOD can’t change the state of your actual data because it’s just a modified version of the client. Unless the server validates it, all of the currency and objects you see are invalid. Furthermore, your device may be vulnerable to viruses or the leakage of personal information.

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