How to earn rare legendary gun skins and a pet for free during the Free Fire Diwali 2021 event


Free Fire’s Diwali events have come, offering a tonne of rewards for gamers. Players must grind to fulfill objectives and obtain exclusive goods in the majority of these events.

Charge the Portal to Come Home is one of the events that has already begun in the game. The event starts today, on October 25, 2021. Players have until November 7, 2021 to claim two legendary gun skins and a permanent pet.

Users can get two gun skins along with a pet (Image via Free Fire)

Users must perform a variety of daily missions in Free Fire to gain Energy Points, which are then used to charge the portal. Players can also invite their friends to join their squad because the Energy Points will be split among them, allowing them to obtain the rewards even faster.

Players will have to complete the tasks to earn the Energy Points (Image via Free Fire)

The following is a list of daily missions:

1x Energy Point Booyah in battle royale

In battle royale mode, eliminate one enemy: 1 point of energy 1x Energy Point if you win a clash squad match. 1x Energy Point for logging in Play any of the following games with your friends: 1 point of energy

Because Energy Points are spread across the team, if the squad is full, players will get 50x Energy Points.

The developers have created three unique levels of milestones, and once each tier is completed, the goodies for that tier will be unlocked. Users will be able to select items from a list of options.

The following are the three milestones:

Unlocking the Portal – 50 Energy Points

Users can choose from one of four free gun skins:

Warrior’s Spirit – Famas

M60 – Crimson RedM4A1 – Flaming Skull UMP – Art of War

90 Energy Points Extra Charge

Once this goal is met, users will be able to choose one of the following pets:

Super Charge – 130 Energy Points Detective PandaRockieShibaRoboOttero

When players reach the final goal, they will receive the following rewards:

Warrior’s Spirit – Famas

M60 – Crimson RedM4A1 – Flaming Skull UMP – Art of War

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