How to easily obtain season prizes in Garena Free Fire MAXfree fire max registration 2021


Garena Free Fire MAX’s Classic Battle Royale (BR) and Clash Squad (CS) modes each have their own rating system. After each season, the standings for each mode are reset, and players are awarded season-end awards.

Users receive seasonal gifts based on their tier, which means that a higher rank earns a larger award. As a result, players must work hard each season in order to optimize their tiers and get higher rank rewards. Here are a few pointers that gamers can employ to get some season prizes quickly. Quickly earn season awards in Free Fire MAX using these tips. BR-Ranked and CS-Ranked modes are currently in their 24th and 9th seasons, respectively, with plenty of season-end awards. Keep an eye on it every day.

Daily missions for ranked mode (Image via Free Fire MAX)

Players can only obtain season prizes after they’ve maxed out their tiers, as previously stated. Users must acquire more rank points to get to the higher stages. As a result, players should pay attention to the daily assignments that award additional rank points.

Placement takes precedence over hot drops.

Booyah earns the maximum rank points (Image via Total Gaming Live)

Players should focus on winning matches rather than dropping in hot and dying instantly because a Booyah in a match gets a big amount of rank points. Adopting a protective mindset can help you survive.

Long-term survival

Surviving for a longer time earn more points in Ranked mode (Image via Free Fire MAX)

In Free Fire MAX, no one can win every match, so surviving is the most important factor in achieving better outcomes. A game’s early exit may result in a loss of rank points. As a result, rather than dying in a frantic combat, one should concentrate on surviving in a match for extended periods of time.

When it comes to good placement games, don’t overlook kills.

Players should equip themselves with decent weapons (Image via Free Fire MAX)

Extra kills award the player with more rank points, allowing them to earn more rank points. While passive gameplay aids placements, a fair number of kills in Free Fire MAX adds a significant quantity of rank points.

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