How to Enter Distinctive Capital Letters in the Free Fire Name


A Free Fire name, also known as a nickname, defines a player’s personality in-game. Because of this, players frequently choose a cool and unique name, or use a rename card to change their name to a cooler one.

In general, Free Fire does not permit the use of special characters, alphabets, symbols, or fonts in in-game names. Gamers, on the other hand, can use sites like and LingoJam to create unique names.

Here’s how players in Free Fire can rename themselves using unique capital letters.

Free Fire IGN: Getting a nickname using unique capital letters

As previously stated, players can visit to use unique capital letters in their Free Fire name. To obtain their desired username, they should follow the steps outlined below.

Step 1: Visit to get ideas for Free Fire names.

Tap on the three horizontal lines (Image via

Step 2: Tap on the three horizontal lines in the top-left corner, then select “Cool text generator” from the menu.

Fill the desired name with caps lock on (Image via

Step 3: Enter the desired username in the box with caps lock enabled and choose the desired font from the drop-down menu.

Copy the desired font and paste it into the device’s notes (Image via

Step 4: Copy the font you’ve chosen and paste it into the device’s notes.

Tap on the profile (Image via Free Fire)

Step 5. Open the Free Fire app and tap on the profile banner.

Press the Edit icon to change the basic info like nickname (Image via Free Fire)

Step 6: Select “Nickname” from the Edit menu. The generated nickname can then be copied and pasted by players.

Paste the copied nickname and press Confirm to rename with 390 diamonds (Image via Free Fire)

After payment is confirmed, players in Free Fire receive a new nickname with unique capital letters. If players do not want to spend 390 diamonds, they can learn how to get a rename card in Free Fire by clicking here.

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