How to fix the Battlegrounds Mobile India map download and matchmaking issue


In a few simple steps, you can resolve the map download and matchmaking troubles that are plaguing Battlegrounds Mobile India gamers.

Battlegrounds Mobile India is now under early access beta testing and will be released to the whole public soon. Players in the beta are apparently experiencing a problem that prevents them from downloading maps and accessing the matchmaker.

In an official statement, Krafton Inc acknowledged the problem, saying that players are having problems with matchmaking and downloading maps. It also indicated that the problem has been resolved by a minor upgrade. The post lays out all of the processes for gamers to follow in order to keep playing the game.

If you’re having problems with the issues mentioned above, you can use the steps below to fix them.

Open the app and install the most recent update.
The game should restart automatically after the update is installed, but if it doesn’t, you’ll have to restart it manually.
Now, at the bottom right corner of the screen, tap the up arrow.

Select ‘Settings’ from the drop-down menu.

Log out of your Battlegrounds Mobile India account from the Settings menu.

After that, the game will take you to the login screen, where you must tap the Repair symbol.

To apply the patch, check the box for ‘Routine Repair’ and then touch Ok.

Now you can login to your account by restarting the program.

Take note that the game is still in beta and will contain a number of problems and glitches, including this pop-up, that the creators have yet to address. Although Krafton has not specified a precise launch date for the game, reports suggest that it will be released sooner rather than later.

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