How to free gun skin and m40 poker in free fire August 2021


Gun skins in Garena Free Fire have an impact on the user’s gameplay in addition to its aesthetic look. Several of them feature improved statistics to help players outperform their opponents in battle.

In most cases, the skin may be purchased by purchasing gun crates with diamonds. However, spending money isn’t always an option, so gamers look for ways to acquire free gun skins in Garena Free Fire. This article outlines a few options for doing so.

A guide on obtaining free gun skins in Free Fire


Garena Free Fire hosts events on a regular basis that provide users with a variety of incentives, including gun skins. As a result, they are among the most effective methods for players to obtain such in-game things.

The final of the FFWS will take place on May 29th, and the developers have released the “PCV Rewards” that fans will get if the live broadcast reaches specific viewership levels.

If it surpasses 450k live viewers (tier 1), players will receive the option to choose between one of the seven items. The list includes two gun skins:

M79 – Hipster Bunny
MP40 – Carnival Carnage

Free diamonds

Meanwhile, gamers may obtain diamonds for free by using the techniques listed below. They may then use in-game cash to buy gun skins in crates, weapon royale, and other places.

Opinion Rewards on Google

The best way to get free Fire gems is to use Google Opinion Rewards. The incentive-based initiative sends out short questionnaires to gamers, who are rewarded with Google Play Balance if they complete them. They may then use the balance to buy them straight in-game.

Custom Rooms and Giveaways

Giveaways and bespoke rooms are hosted by a slew of YouTubers and Instagram profiles. Diamonds are usually available as a reward in both of them. As a result, participating in such activities may provide players with in-game cash.

Rank-up reward

Users may earn a variety of rank-up goodies by progressing through the tiers. For example, in the current ranking season, players that reach Gold 1 will receive the AN94 – S21 Exclusive: Hayato “Firebrand.”

The Poker MP40 is the most recent Garena Free Fire weapon cosmetic to return. It was released a few months ago, and gamers were enamored with the weapon’s color design and effects. This uncommon weapon has been replenished by the developers for gamers to claim before it is removed from the game once more.

Some of the greatest weapon cosmetics in any game can be found in Free Fire, and they contribute to the firearm’s stats. As a result, professional players are always outfitted with cosmetics in order to increase their chances of winning duals.

How to get the Poker MP40 cosmetic in Free Fire

Because the Poker MP40 is a rare cosmetic, it cannot be purchased directly from the item shop; instead, users must spin the Poker MP40 wheel using diamonds. For one spin, they must invest 40 diamonds, and for five spins, they must invest 180 diamonds.

Flashing Spade (Yellow), Eternal Diamond (Green), Blazing Heart (Red), and Dreamy Club (Blue) are the four color options for the Poker MP40 (Blue).

After spinning the wheel, players will be able to choose from a variety of prizes. Spins may be used to gain items such as gun skins, pet food, memory fragments, and more. Most significantly, players must gather Evolution stones and Royal Flash Blueprints in order to obtain the Poker MP40 aesthetic.

Players can construct the weapon skin by pressing ‘Enter’ once they’ve obtained these two things. To obtain the Flashing Spade Poker MP40 cosmetic, they must spend seven evolution stones and three blueprints.

Similarly, the Eternal Diamond MP40 cosmetic may be obtained by using five evolution stones and two blueprints. Three evolution stones and one blueprint are required to get the Blazing Heart and Dreamy Club variants.

These Poker MP40 variations feature varied statistics (damage increase, accuracy boost, and so on) to enable players get the most out of their guns and eliminate their weak points.

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