How to gain free Katana skins during the Fire Diwali Top Up event


Top Up events in Free Fire efficiently encourage users to purchase diamonds, the premium in-game currency, by providing a profusion of free gifts. When compared to shop costs, the things sold are often one-of-a-kind and represent excellent value for money.

Just after Diwali Top Up 1 came to an end, the creators launched the second version of the events, which offers a different set of incentives. The Quadri Lava Weapon Loot Crate and Katana – Sword of Honor are included.

In Free Fire, the Katana is the Sword of Honor.

Diwali Top Up 2 will be available until 28 October (Image via Free Fire)

The festival began on October 22 and will run until October 28. Users can buy diamonds to advance through their missions and win free gifts.

The following are the full specifications of the incentives available in the most recent top-up event:

The Quadri Lava Weapon Loot Crate can be attained by purchasing 100 diamonds (Image via Free Fire)

To get a free 3x Quadri Lava Weapon Loot Crate, buy 100 diamonds.

Users need to buy only 300 diamonds (Image via Free Fire)

If you buy 300 diamonds, you’ll get a complimentary Katana – Sword of Honor.

Players will be able to obtain both things because the transaction will be counted as cumulative.

Because users are not compelled to spend in-game currency, all of the aforementioned benefits are technically free. They must, however, buy diamonds with real money.

Steps to get the rewards from the top up events

Players must purchase diamonds within the game due to the lack of availability of Codashop and GameKharido for Free Fire top up. They can proceed in a few of ways after purchasing 300 gems.

Pressing the calendar will open the events section (Image via Free Fire)

To begin, tap on the calendar icon to go to the Celebrate Diwali tab in the events area.

Players need to press the claim button beside the reward to attain them (Image via Free Fire)

They must then pick Diwali Top Up II and claim the Katana – Sword of Honor by pressing the claim icon next to it.

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