How to get a free Fire Faded Wheel this week: Green Flame Draco M1014


Gun skins are an important aspect of Free Fire’s gameplay because they increase the cosmetic appearance of the weapon while also increasing certain attributes. As a result, they are extremely popular among players.

The Green Flame Draco M1014 will be making a comeback, according to Free Fire India. Several online leaks also suggested that the skin would be returning as part of the Faded Wheel event. It appears that they were correct, as a new Faded Wheel has been added to Free Fire, allowing players to obtain the rare Evo gun skin.

In Free Fire, here’s how to get Green Flame Draco M1014.

The Green Flame Draco has finally returned to Free Fire via the Faded Wheel (Image via Free Fire)

The new Faded Wheel will run for seven days starting tonight. During this moment, players can spin to win the Green Flame Draco M1014 in Free Fire by utilizing diamonds.

There are ten rewards in all, but players must first delete two items that they do not want to obtain. They will then be allowed to draw the rewards one by one.

Players need to remove the two items that they do not wish to obtain (Image via Free Fire)

Individual awards will be grayed out, indicating that they will receive the Green Flame Draco M1014 within eight spins. Another issue to consider is that the cost of spins rises as time goes on.

The following are the procedures to accessing the Faded Wheel and obtaining the Green Flame Draco M1014:

1) Open Free Fire and select “Luck Royale” from the menu.

2) After that, players must go to the Faded Wheel section and delete the two objects they do not want.

Players can then spin the wheel to get their hands on the respective reward (Image via Free Fire)

3) Everyone can participate in the event because the first spin is free. All subsequent spins will cost a certain number of diamonds.

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