How to get a free legendary Loot Box skin without paying diamonds in Garena Free Fire


For the previous few days, events centered on Free Fire x Money Heist have been in full swing, and peak day is quickly coming. Many themed awards have already been added to the Battle Royale game, which players can earn by participating in ongoing events.

A legendary Loot Box is one of the goods that players can obtain. The gamers must, however, accomplish the needed objective in the “Claim Free Loot Box” event in order to receive it. Here are some more details on it.

How to earn a free legendary Loot Box skin at the Fire x Money Heist events

This event will be running until 14 December in Free Fire (Image via Free Fire)

The “Claim Free Loot Box” event in Free Fire began on December 7 and will go through December 14th. During this phase, users are only required to sign in once a day to claim the cumulative login prizes. One of the goods accessible to players is the famous Loot Box skin “Cha-ching.”

Here are the specifics on how to obtain all of the awards.

Login 1 day to get 2x Team Heist PrinterLogin 3 days to get Bounty Token Play Card (14 days)Login 5 days to get Cha-ching Loot Box

As a result, users will have an easy time completing the assignment, and those who have signed in every day since the event began will be able to collect the Loot Box for free on December 11th.

The following are the actions they can take to get the prize once it becomes available for redemption: To access the events page, gamers must first open Free Fire on their smartphones and tap on the “Calendar” icon.

First, gamers would have to tap here (Image via Free Fire)

Step 2: Select the “Claim Free Loot Box” event from the “Plan Bermuda: Raid & Run” menu.

Users would then have to press on this (Image via Free Fire)

Step 3: Select “Claim” from the drop-down menu. To acquire the special Money Heist Loot Box, click on it.

The skin can be donned after redemption in the “Collection” section.

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