How to get a free Sabertooth Slash skin with killfeed effects in Free Fire


Several events are currently running in Free Fire, like the Earthshaker Stomp and the Volcanic Whirlwind Skyboard, which give a variety of free Rampage-themed gifts. To obtain the items, users must complete particular quests.

Aside from that, Garena just released a new “Friends Callback” event, which gives players a free Sabertooth Slash machete skin. Here’s a rundown of the event, as well as a guide to obtaining the prizes.

In Free Fire, how do you get Sabertooth Slash?

The Sabertooth Slash in Free Fire

On June 26th, the new “Friends Callback” began and will finish on June 30th. During this time, players must invite friends who have been inactive for a long time back to receive a variety of gifts, including the Sabertooth Slash, which has a unique killfeed.

The specifics of the newly added callback event in Free Fire are listed below.

Callback 3x Might of Mythos for one companion Callback 3 friends: 3x Mythos’ Might Callback Sabertooth Slash and 3x Might of Mythos are two of the five buddies. Callback 5x Might of Mythos with 7 companions

To get the Sabertooth Slash in Free Fire via the Friends Callback event, players should follow the steps outlined below:

Step 1: Users should touch on the “Calendar” icon to access the event area.

Tap on Go To button

Step 2: Under the “Rampage 3.0” menu, they must select “Friends Callback.” Then they must select “Go To” from the drop-down menu.

They can press the “Friends” icon and afterwards tap on the ‘Call Back’ section.

They can also press the “Friends” symbol and then tap the “Call Back” area.

A list of inactive friends will appear on the screen

Step 3: They should then select the “Call back” option. The list of inactive friends will appear in a dialog box.

Invite the friends through the link

Step 4: Players must click the invite button and share the link with their friends using their favorite way.

The Sabertooth Slash will be given to the users if five of the invited players return to Free Fire via the URL provided.

Users can get incentives based on how many callbacks they receive from the same part.

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