How to get free magic cube and Tiva character in the 4th anniversary


In the free fire anniversary garena give some offer. 4th anniversary garena give magic cube bundle and tiva character freely. Here we give some tips to found these offer.

Every year, August is the busiest month in the Free Fire since celebrating four years since the game began. Garena is known for offering many free items during the month-long promotions. The Magic Cube event is undoubtedly one of the most popular awards. We will teach you how to get the free Magic Cube in the Free Fire Anniversary of this post.

How do you get the free Magic Cube in Free Fire?

Garena will not give you a magic cube for you; you will have to find enough pieces to trade with it. You can be sure that you will get 100 free pieces, which is enough for 1 Magic Cube.

The event will take place on the day of the 4th Free Fire Anniversary, August 28. During this time, players must play and win matches … and pieces of the Magic Cube will be drawn at the end of each game. According to reports, you will get every 25 matches – the result of the game is not important, because the same amount will be paid anyway.

Free Fire doesn’t give you magic cubes very often, so if you’re a free-to-play player, putting your hands on those magical cube store sets can be difficult. As a result, being online on August 28 is important to get all the free rewards.

About Free Fire Cubes

Free Fire is a free game to play … and in order to keep the server running and pay developers, start selling makeup, gun skins and more. There have been cosmetic packages being produced since the launch of Free Fire. Most of them come from events, and are taken out of the game when the events are over.

That would be a total waste, as some of the previous sets are pretty good. That’s why Garena has created a Magic Cube Store, where users can sell their old bundles of new magic cube. It can cost one Magic cake each. Men and women types are available in most Magic cube stores, or some packages contain only one.

In addition to the Magic Cube, the Tiva character will be offered for free, along with various skins like Monster Truck and pets. In addition, players can compete with the challenge of the Clash Squad Cup. While the After Match decline event runs from August 20 to September 5, the triple bonus drop is only available on August 28th.

How can players procure Thiva through Free Fire’s 4th-anniversary event this month?

Garena hasn’t spoken anything about the fourth-anniversary celebration. However, on August 28, players may obtain Thiva for free as part of the Free Fire 4th anniversary celebrations. Thiva is unlikely to be the only character accessible during the event, and gamers will have to pick from a number of options.

Aside from character selection, gamers may anticipate certain activities to be incorporated in the event. Players will be able to redeem Thiva in Free Fire after completing such objectives. The only information regarding Thiva that has been released is that it will be a free gift during the 4th anniversary celebration.

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