How to get free silver fragments in BGMI


At BGMI, silver pieces can be found with Scal-L-coated gold, S686 coated gold, a custom-made pen, Throned rose-Crowbar, Sadpal backpack, Cleverpal backpack, parachute skins, and much more (Battleground mobile India). At BGMI, you can also use Silver Money to buy an old crate coupon coupon, premium crate coupon scrap, Paints, avatar, frame and blanket.

If you have a lot of classic and premium crate coupons, you can combine them to open multiple boxes. And, as you know, cases can give you a variety of free myths. As a result, you will need to know how to harvest unlimited silver pieces at Battleground India (BGMI). These are the best ways to get free silver pieces from BGMI.

Open the case

The best places to get free silver coins on BGMI are the old crate, the premium crate, the supply case and the military box. You will receive silver immediately after opening these containers. Some items found inside the box, on the other hand, can be sold for silver. Open a garment, leather, and other items you already have, for example. After that, you can destroy those items to get BGMI free silver coins.

Buy the Royal Pass

You will earn more silver if you upgrade the elite royale pass over the free royale world. So, don’t forget to buy Royale Pass in the game.

Improve your level

For each higher level, you will get the largest amount of silver. So, in order to get enough silver coins for the next season, strive to increase your level of winner.

Don’t miss out on memorizing events.

At Battleground mobile India, you can collect up to 999 coins for free as a result of memory. But you should remember your friends who are not connected to Facebook ID. You will get more points if you remember your friends well. And you can use those points to buy with silver pieces in BGMI without wasting UC.

The huge variety of in-game money on PUBG Mobile is well known. Because there is a lot of money in the game, people mix it up from time to time. The game offers a unique free cash that players can use to purchase various game items. The silver pieces are a type of coin that can be used to buy permanent clothes and armor skins in the game redemption category. This money can be used to buy premium coupons and classic scrap. We’ve talked about how you can get free silver pieces from PUBG Mobile in this article.

Get free pieces of silver on PUBG Mobile

Opening boxes is one of the easiest ways to get free silver pieces on PUBG Mobile. Premium, Classic, and Supply Crates are the three main categories of crates in this game. Coupons to discard these boxes are easy to assemble and combine into Crate Coupon. Players can easily get up to 100 pieces of silver by opening these types of boxes.

The silver pieces were also awarded to PUBG Mobile at the end of the season. The amount of silver pieces you get is determined by the side of the season. If you reach the Winner category, you can earn 2000 pieces of silver. The amount of Silver Fragments given to players at the various levels is listed below: Bronze Tier: 200 Silver FragmentsS Silver Tier: 400 Silver FragmentsGold Tier Category Conqueror: 2000 pieces of silver

Silver Fragment can be purchased using BP money at the in-game store. Each day, 25 silver pieces of 5000 BP coins can be purchased. On PUBG Mobile, and it’s a great way to get free pieces of silver.

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