How to get Grandmaster rapidly in Garena Free Fire before Season 24 finishes


Battle Royale and Clash Squad are the two major game types in Garena Free Fire. Both have different ranking systems that operate for a set length of time to make them more competitive. Season 24 is currently running for BR, and users can grind their way through tiers to earn various goodies.

Many players aspire to attain Grandmaster, the highest rank in the game. Many elements, however, must be considered, and individuals must put out tremendous effort. Here are some more details on the subject.

Free Fire: How to Get to Grandmaster a Lot Faster
The following are some pointers that players can use to get to the top tier in Garena Free Fire:

3) Staying alive and avoiding being suffocated by hot droplets

Hot drops need to be avoided by the players to stay alive (Image via Free Fire)

Rank points are provided to players in ranked matches based on a number of factors, one of which is survival. As a result, it is vital that they survive for a longer amount of time.

To achieve this, users are recommended to play safe throughout the game. Additionally, they should avoid landing on hot drops because their chances of dying in the early phases are very high in those areas.
2) Making proper use of utilities

Players need to use the grenades and other utilities appopriately (Image via Free Fire)

1) Choice of characters

Characters possess special abilities in Garena Free Fire (Image via Free Fire)

Garena Free Fire’s characters are some of the game’s most powerful assets. The reason for this is that they have special skills that can alter the game’s outcome.

Players will have an easier time pushing their rank up if they choose the proper character. They can also put together the right combos, which greatly boosts their gameplay.

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