How to get Incubator’s AN94 Supercharger Free Fire skins


Gun skins are an important part of Free Fire, and the battle royale game’s makers frequently add new ones. Many players want them since they improve the gun’s appearance and certain statistics.

In Free Fire, Garena has now added a new Incubator where players can get skins from the AN94 – Supercharger collection.

The bolts available include the AN94 Wildfire Bolt, AN94 Twilight Bolt, AN94 Tsunami Bolt, and AN94 Tornado Bolt.

Obtaining the skins for the AN94 Supercharger in Free Fire

The following is taken from a social media post about the Incubator:

“Four new weapon skins are ready for deployment, electrified and ready to go! To match your personalities, choose from four distinct chromas. Now is the time to get the new AN94 Supercharger weapon skins from the Incubator!”
It will continue for another 44 days. As a result, gamers have plenty of time to choose where they want to get their skins.

The required amount of tokens are needed to claim the skins (Image via Free Fire)

To obtain Evolution Stones and Blueprint tokens, players will need to spend diamonds on spins, just like in any other Incubator. The “Blueprint: Supercharger Guns” in this scenario.

These tokens can then be exchanged for the following gun skins:

3x Blueprint: Supercharger Guns + 7x Evolution Stones AN94 Wildfire Bolt

2x Blueprint: Supercharger Guns + 5x Evolution Stones AN94 Twilight Bolt

2x Blueprint: Supercharger Guns + 4x Evolution Stones AN94 Tsunami Bolt

1x Blueprint: Supercharger Guns + 3x Evolution Stones AN94 Tornado Bolt

In the Incubator, each spin costs 40 diamonds, with a collection of five spins costing 180 diamonds. Here’s how they can get access to this new Luck Royale in Free Fire:

Step 1: Once Free Fire is open, go to the main lobby’s left side and press the “Luck Royale” symbol.

Spin using diamonds to have a chance at obtaining the tokens (Image via Free Fire)

The numerous Luck Royales will appear in Step 2. To get to the new event, tap the “Incubator” option. After that, select the required spin option.

After you’ve gathered the required number of tokens, use the “Enter” button to exchange them for skins.

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