How to Get M1887 Golden Glare and Flaxen Megacypher Bundle for Free in Fire Golden Ascension


On the battlegrounds of Free Fire, players have a plethora of weapons at their disposal. Each firearm then has a variety of gun skins that improve its appearance while improving a variety of features, which has become one of the reasons for buying them.

The Golden Ascension event has been added to the game, and players can earn M1887 Golden Glare as well as other incentives, including packages. The gun spin improves rate of fire and range at the expense of reload speed.

M1887 Golden Glare and other Free Fire prizes

The Golden Ascension event in Free Fire began on October 16 and will run till October 22. To win bundles, additional cosmetics, and M1887 Golden Glare, players must spin with diamonds and gather the required quantity of Legends Tokens.

A single spin will set you back 20 diamonds, while a box of five would set you back 90 diamonds. They’ll get one item at random from the whole reward pool, which includes Legends Tokens.

The following is a list of products accessible, along with the quantity of Legends Tokens required:

Yellow Strike surfboard is the reward (Image via Free Fire)

Players need 1 Legends Token to get the Yellow Strike.

Warrior Spirit Backpack is the reward (Image via Free Fire)

The Warrior’s Spirit can be obtained by spending two Legends Tokens.

The first bundle as the reward (Image via Free Fire)

The Amber Megacypher Bundle requires three Legends Tokens to get.

The second bundle available in the Golden Ascension (Image via Free Fire)

Players need 4 Legends Tokens to get the Flaxen Megacypher Bundle.

The M1887 skin boasts golden aesthetics (Image via Free Fire)

M1887 – Golden Glare requires 5 Legends Token to get.

The following are the steps to go to the event and start spinning:

Step 1: To enter the Luck Royale area of the game, touch on the symbol on the left-hand side of the screen.

Make the spins to earn the rewards (Image via Free Fire)

Step 2: After that, choose Golden Ascension and press the appropriate number of spins.

Step 3: After collecting the requisite number of tokens, proceed to the right-hand tower to claim your rewards.

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