How to Get the Golden Gas Mask in Verdansk in COD Warzone


COD Warzone contains a lot of hidden objects that players may overlook while immersed in the game’s fast-paced action. Raven Software provides new material to the game every season, including new weapons and operator skins. However, being victorious on the battlefield necessitates far more than just having strong weaponry.

The employment of tactical equipment is critical in a warzone. With the gas closing in on the player’s tail throughout the game, one of the most important items they can acquire is the gas mask.

Gas masks can be acquired in loot boxes or purchased at purchasing stations. Normal gas masks allow players to remain in the poisonous gas for 12 seconds without losing any health. The Golden Gas Mask, on the other hand, provides the player with immunity to the deadly gas for more than 30 seconds and is rather difficult to discover on the terrain.

This extra time may be very useful at the conclusion of the game, and it could even help players win. It is especially essential during the final circle, when the gas is everywhere and losing health jeopardizes the game for a player who does not have a gas mask.

Where to find the Golden Gas Mask in season 4 of COD Warzone?

Normal versions of the gas mask can be found anywhere and they spawn randomly, however, with the start of season 4, the locations of the Golden Gas Masks seem to be constricted to one particular area, i.e., the Red Doors.

There are multiple Red Doors across the map and these doors teleport players instantly from one place to another. Once a player walks through a Red Door, they are teleported to a room on the other side of the map.

Red Doors in Warzone (Image via Activision)
Red Doors in Warzone (Image via Activision)

The room that they are dropped into is filled with items and crates that players can easily loot before leaving the room to continue the match. Players will find the Golden Gas Masks here, and other items like legendary weapons, UAVs and cash.

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