How to get this week’s Garena Free Fire OB31 Advance Server


Before each major update, the Free Fire team releases an Advance Server, which allows players to try out the new features and report any faults they find. After that, the feedback is considered before the big update is released.

The OB31 Advance Server start and end time (Image via Free Fire)

Gamers on Free Fire are getting ready for the Advance Server, which will be deployed tomorrow, November 18th, 2021. Mobile players can use the Activation Code to log in and play on the server until November 25, 2021.

It is important to note that server progress will not be carried over to the actual game. Players can use this guide to figure out how to get the new features and how to download them.

Free Fire OB31 Advance Server Download

Players will have to register for the Advance Server (Image via Free Fire)

The OB31 Advance Server can be downloaded by following the methods outlined below: Step 1: Go to the official Free Fire Advance Server webpage for mobile gamers. They can be routed by clicking here.
Step 2: They must then sign up for the server using their Facebook account.

Step 3: Finally, players must tap on the Free Fire Advance Server APK file to have it downloaded to their smartphone.

Players will need to register before downloading the Advance Server tomorrow. To do so, they must fill up information such as their name, phone number, and email address and then click the “Join Now” button on the official website.

Every Advance Server needs an Activation Code to log in (Image via Free Fire)

Players will receive an Activation Code to log in to the OB31 Advance Server after completing the registration process. Because there are a limited amount of codes available, gamers should register as soon as possible.

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