How to Get UC in Battlegrounds Mobile India for the C1S1 Royale Pass


Due to the v1.50 APK update, Battlegrounds Mobile India received considerable changes within two weeks of its official launch. The previous season was removed in the upgrade, and the cyclic-season format was implemented.

Significant adjustments were also made to the game as part of the update. The partnership with Tesla resulted in the creation of a new gaming mode known as Ignition. In addition, a new Royale Pass for C1S1 has been introduced.

Since the introduction of the new cyclic-season system and the Royale Pass, players have been anxious to learn how to acquire UCs in Battlegrounds Mobile India for C1S1.

Battlegrounds Mobile India: The technique for purchasing UC in the game stays the same.

Step 1: Tap the UC button in the upper right corner of the screen. The price list for various UC Bundles will be made public.

Step 2 – Gamers must choose an option from the UC Bundle list.

Step 3 – By clicking on the preferred selection, the purchasing option will be shown.

Step 4 – The most frequently used payment method will be presented, and players will have the opportunity to “purchase with one tap.”

Step 5 – After selecting this option, players must validate their credentials. Following successful verification, the sum will be deducted from the account, and the credited UC will be displayed on the player’s profile.

When it comes to carrying out the purchase, gamers have a plethora of possibilities. Netbanking, debit/credit card transactions, UPI transactions, and even Google Play Store balance are all supported by Battlegrounds Mobile India.

The price list for UC in Battlegrounds Mobile India is given below:

  • 60 UC- ₹ 75
  • 300 UC + 25 UC (Free) – ₹ 380
  • 600 UC + 60 UC (Free) – ₹ 750
  • 1500 UC + 300 UC (Free) – ₹ 1900
  • 3000 UC + 850 UC (Free) – ₹ 3800
  • 6000 UC + 2100 UC (Free) – ₹ 7500

The Battlegrounds Mobile India C1S1 Elite Royale Pass costs 360 UC, while the Elite Pass Plus edition costs roughly 960 UC.

The new C1S1 Royale Pass includes some of the most outstanding in-game cosmetics and goodies available in Battlegrounds Mobile India.

The Elite Pass and Elite Pass Plus offer numerous perks, and it is expected that gamers will purchase them in order to obtain exclusive skins and stuff in Battlegrounds Mobile India.

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