How to join the Free Fire Partner Program as an official Free Fire partner


New frontiers in content development and streaming have opened up for players as a result of Free Fire’s worldwide success. The developers have created a Partner Program to help these folks, and participants will be able to take advantage of a variety of perks that will help them expand even more.

Many gamers are unsure of how to become official partners in Free Fire’s Partner Program. This prompts people to look for solutions on the internet.

Details on how to become a member of the Free Fire Partner Program may be found here.
Individuals must complete out the form available on the program’s official website to apply for the Partner Program.

However, before gamers may apply, they must be aware of the following unique requirements:

Requirements that users have to meet (Image via Free Fire)

Furthermore, even if they achieve all of these requirements, acceptance into the Partner Program is not guaranteed due to an internal screening procedure.

Note that the application form for Free Fire’s Partner Program is currently closed.

Users that join the Free Fire Partner Program will be eligible for a range of benefits, including:

Diamonds and unique room cards are among the exclusive in-game awards.

monetary recompense (Only available to the YouTubers with over 500 thousand subscribers and 95 percent Free Fire content)

Get early access to material and the official Free Fire observer client.

Possibility of appearing on Free Fire’s social media accounts

Communication/interaction with the Free Fire team

Fans will be given special codes to use.

There are tons of perks that players will receive for joining the program (Image via Free Fire)

Invitations to tournaments and other esports events hosted by Free Fire

Exclusive goods is available.

They will also receive a highly exclusive V-Badge in addition to all of this.

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