How to make a one-of-a-kind Free Fire guild name using fashionable symbols and fonts


Free Fire guilds are highly popular, and many of them have distinctive titles that set them apart from the pack. The names are frequently embellished with fashionable symbols and written in unusual typefaces.

Any Free Fire player can form a guild and invite their friends to join them in participating in events and matches. They can also earn guild points and compete for intriguing in-game prizes..

How to find unique Free Fire guild names?

Players can search for unique guild names using Nickfinder (Image via

Because Android and iOS keyboards lack unique symbols and typefaces, users frequently use name generator sites like,, and

Nickfinder has a wide range of names that players can choose from. They can copy the name and rearrange the symbols to form a new guild name.

Players can even make up their own names. They simply need to type in the name they want, hit Search/Generate (as the case may be), and choose from the many suggestions that show underneath.

At the time of guild establishment, Free Fire players have the choice of naming their guild. They can, however, alter it later by spending gems (in-game currency)..

How to build a guild in Free Fire?

Free Fire players just need to follow the steps given below to build their guild in the battle royale title:

  • Players need to open Free Fire and click on the “Guilds” icon that is located on the right.
  • They will then have to select the “Create Guild” option located in the bottom right corner.
  • Players have the liberty to choose any guild name of their choice as long as it is not vulgar.
  • They have to pay either 5000 Gold or 1000 Diamonds to create the guild.

After the guild has been founded, users can go to the Member List and select “Invite” from the drop-down menu. The invitation to join the guild can then be accepted by friends.

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