How to receive a free Carnage helmet this week in Free Fire


Free Fire’s impending partnership with Venom: Let There Be Carnage, which will begin soon, has gamers delighted. A cooperation calendar has also been introduced, with a few events hinted by the developers, adding to the excitement.

Garena will be bringing a slew of new cosmetics for players to enjoy. The Carnage Helmet, which will be part of Venom’s Power, is one of the things unveiled.

Users need to play for 60 minutes to attain the rewards (Image via Free Fire)

The Carnage Helmet is an exclusive award in the upcoming Fight with Venom’s Power event, as previously stated. It is a one-day only event that will take place on October 16th. Users must complete the basic objective of playing for 60 minutes on a certain day in order to obtain the special Carnage Helmet.

They will just need to play a few battle royale battles to acquire the special helmet because the assignment demands an hour of game time. Furthermore, it is not difficult for players of any ability level, making it one of the easiest rewards in the upcoming cooperation. After fulfilling the above goal, gamers can proceed to the next steps to obtain the helmet:

You need to open the events section by clicking on the calendar (Image via Free Fire)

Step 1: Once you’ve completed the task, tap on the calendar icon to open the events.

Step 2: After that, go to the FF x Venom tab and look for the “Fight with Venom’s Power” area. Step 3: To obtain the Carnage Helmet, you must press the claim button.

Other freebies

Other freebie which will be available in the game (Image via Free Fire)

Venom Backpack and We Are Venom Streetwear set are two other freebies that have been unveiled.

The former can be obtained simply logging in on October 16th. They will, however, be required to accomplish missions in order to obtain the tokens in return for the set.

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