How to receive a free Craftland room card this week in Free Fire


Now that Diwali has passed, players can participate in Free Fire’s After Party event. The event began on November 5, 2021, and will conclude on November 11, 2021.

Players can enjoy Craftland matches with their friends using a room card (Image via Free Fire)

Players that participate in the After Party event have a chance to earn treasure boxes and a room card. Using a room card, Free Fire players can design their own room and play unique Craftland matches.

How can I receive a room card for the After Party event in Free Fire?

List of missions that players have to complete to win tokens (Image via Free Fire)

Collecting tokens and swapping them for thrilling goodies is the focus of Free Fire’s After Party event. Tokens can be collected by fulfilling the numerous tasks that have been set to them. The following are the missions that players must complete in order to progress:

After killing an adversary, players will receive one Prize Token.

Users can win a Prize Token by playing a Clash Squad ranked match.

To win another Prize Token, they must play three matches with a friend.

To acquire the final Prize Token, players must win a match.

List of rewards that players can win in the After Party event (Image via Free Fire)

Players can then trade their tokens for rewards after obtaining the requisite tokens. Players can win the following prizes:

10 Prize Tokens Craftland Room Card (1 Match) (Maximum two times)

5 Prize Tokens for 1 Old Fashioned Weapon Loot Crate (Maximum three times)

5 Prize Tokens for 1 Vandal Revolt Weapon Loot Crate (Maximum three times)

3 Prize Tokens for 1 Gold Royale Voucher (Maximum five times)

After starting Free Fire, players should proceed to the Events category. The After Party element of the game may be found in the Celebrate Diwali section. After obtaining the tokens, gamers can trade them for the aforementioned benefits.

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