How to receive a free Prisoner package from the “Red Light, Green Light” event rewards in Free Fire


Free Fire’s creators offer an interesting series of modes on a regular basis to provide a bit of variety for gamers. These are usually only available for a brief time, with Red Light, Green Light being the most recent addition.

The mode is based on a game featured on the popular Netflix show Squid Games. The map’s name is “Under the Twig,” and it will be available until October 25, 2021.

The players’ goal in this mode is to cross the finish line. Users should only move when the doll is not facing them, and should remain motionless when the doll is facing them. They will be eliminated if they make a mistake in following this.

After each mission in the new Free Fire mode, players can choose from a variety of rewards, including the Prisoner set.

The developers have built up various incentives for players to check out Red Light, Green Light, as they do with all of the game types. The awards, on the other hand, have been divided into several events or segments, each with its unique duty. All components of the exhibit will be open until October 25, 2021.

Furthermore, players have the option of choosing their rewards at each level of the mission. The following are the specifics of these events and rewards:

Update Patch to Play

Users will get the Prisoner (Top) for downloading the update (Image via Free Fire)

They just need to update their game to get the rewards. Users will then be able to choose between the rewards:

  • 1x Diamond Royale Voucher and Prisoner (Top)
  • 2x Diamond Royal Voucher

Part 1 – Play New Mode

Users can select one of the two items after playing five games (Image via Free Fire)

Players must play five matches in Red Light, Green Light mode to receive either the Prisoner (Shoes) or the Gold Royale Voucher.

Party 2 – Play New Mode

They can select the cosmetic items at each stage to get the complete bundle (Image via Free Fire)

Players must play five matches in Red Light, Green Light mode in order to obtain either the Prisoner (Shoes) or the Gold Royale Voucher.

Part 3 – Play New Mode

Finishing in top five will allow them to select one of the items (Image via Free Fire)

Unlike the previous two parts, players need to finish once in the top five to have the option to select one of the two items:

Weapon Royale Voucher for Prisoner (Head)
To complete the Prisoner set, they must select separate cosmetic pieces after each part’s quest is completed.

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