How to receive a free Stormbringer gloo wall skin through a top-up event in Free Fire


In Free Fire, top-up events allow players to get free in-game items. These things are generally purchased with diamonds (in-game cash), although top-up events allow players to receive them for free.

“TOPUP – AZURE DRAGON,” the most recent top-event in Free Fire, began on June 23rd and will end on July 3rd. Players will receive two fantastic prizes as part of the event:

Pet Skin: Apocalypse FoxGloo Wall – Stormbringer

To receive the two bonuses, mobile gamers must purchase a particular quantity of diamonds. They can then spend the diamonds they’ve earned on other in-game things.

Obtaining Stormbringer gloo wall skin for free in Free Fire

To obtain the brand-new gloo wall, players must complete the following steps:

1) They must first launch Free Fire and select the Diamond icon.

Free Fire

2) A list of top-up possibilities will emerge, from which they can select any number of diamonds.

Players will need to top up 100 diamonds to receive the Apocalypse Fox pet skin.

They will need to top-up 500 diamonds to receive the Stormbringer gloo wall skin.

3) Gamers must then make the required payments.

4) They can go to the Lobby and click on the Calendar button after making their purchase.

5) Players must visit the Rampage 3.0 part of the game.

Free Fire

6) They need to choose “TOPUP – AZURE DRAGON.”

7) To obtain the rewards, players must first touch on the Claim button beside them.

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