How to receive a new Rogue Lava MP5 skin for free with the Fire incubator


Gun skins have become a necessary component in Free Fire because some of them boost stats, allowing players to gain an advantage on the battlefield. Garena has been regularly releasing new skins to the battle royale game, increasing the variety of options available to players.

One of the methods they can utilize to gain gun skins and outfit bundles is to use an incubator. MP5 Fatal Snarl, a new incubator that gives four distinctive skins for the MP5, including “Rogue Lava,” was released today in the game.

In Free Fire, here’s how to earn the new Rogue Lava MP5 skin.

The Fatal Snarl incubator has started in the battle royale title (Image via Free Fire)

As previously stated, the new incubator at Free Fire has begun operations today. To redeem the gun skins, players must spin and collect a certain number of “Blueprint: Fatal Snarl” and “Evolution Stone” tokens during the event.

Participants in the event were charged 40 diamonds for each spin, with a total cost of 180 diamonds for five spins.

Number of tokens that users need for exchanging the skins (Image via Free Fire)

Users must provide the following information in order to claim each pistol skin in the Fatal Snarl incubator:

1) Trade 3x Blueprint: Fatal Snarl + 7x Evolution Stones for MP5 Rogue Lava.

2) Swap 2x Blueprint: Fatal Snarl + 5x Evolution Stones for MP5 Frozen Lava.

3) Swap 2x Blueprint: Fatal Snarl + 4x Evolution Stones for MP5 Meta Lava.

4) Swap MP5 Jungle Lava for MP5 Jungle Lava. 1x Fatal Snarl Blueprint + 3x Evolution Stones

As a result, players will need 3 Blueprints and 7 Evolution Stone tokens to get the Rogue Lava MP5 skin.

How to get into the incubator and claim the gun skin

Step 1: Once Free Fire has been installed on your device, go to the left side of the screen and tap the “Luck Royale” symbol.

Step 2: They should then go to the “Incubator” page and pick the amount of spins they want to make.

Players should press the “Enter” option and then claim the required skin (Image via Free Fire)

Step 3: Once users have a sufficient quantity of tokens, they can redeem the skins by clicking the “Enter” option.

Step 4: Finally, users can select the Rogue Lava MP5 skin and select “Exchange.

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