How to receive The Streets package and legendary gun skins this week during the Free Fire Diwali event


Cosmetics, particularly gun skins and clothing, are quite popular among Free Fire gamers. While the former is purchased for its other qualities in addition to its attractiveness, the later is purchased just for its beauty. Rare and expensive commodities are always sought after by players, who frequently spend thousands of dollars on diamonds.

Gift of Light, a new event that began on November 3rd, features exclusive bundles like as “The Streets Bundle” and the M1887 Hand of Hope gun skin. Diamonds are required to obtain some of the game’s rare and distinctive cosmetics.

Free Fire has legendary bundles and rifle skins.

Gift of Light event in Free Fire (Image via Free Fire)

Outfits and weapon skins are available as part of the Gift of Light event. Surprisingly, each spin completed during the event ensures that participants will receive a permanent item from the prize pool.

A single spin will cost you 199 diamonds, and a bundle of five spins will cost you 899 diamonds. The latter, on the other hand, ensures that users have a permanent item.

The Exchange Store (Image via Free Fire)

On top of that, on every spin, gamers will earn a Gift of Light Token. Players will also receive Gift of Light Tokens if they have duplicate items. Following that, players can spend their tokens to receive a reward of their choosing.

It allows gamers to obtain exclusive and legendary things that they would otherwise be unable to obtain. They will, however, have to spend hundreds of thousands of diamonds in order to obtain them.

Prize pool

There are numerous premium prizes (Image via Free Fire)

The costume prize pool is divided into two categories: premium and standard. In the standard version, there are 77 bundles, while the premium version has 106 exclusive and premium ensembles.

Other prizes (Image via Free Fire)

The Streets Bundle, Zombified Samurai Bundle, Stereo Noisemaker Bundle, and Duke Swallowtail Bundle are a handful of the most popular.

Gun skins

The premium prize pool for guns (Image via Free Fire)

The gun skins are divided into two categories, similar to the costumes: premium and normal. In the premium pool, there are 79 gun skins.

There are 220 gun skins available (Image via Free Fire)

The standard prize pool, on the other hand, has a whopping 220 skins available. AK Flaming Dragon and M1887 Hand of Hope are two of the most popular.

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