How to receive this week’s free Woodpecker Crimson Heir Free Fire skin


For the CS (Clash Squad) game option, Garena released the Purgatory map to Free Fire yesterday. Previously, this 4v4 mode allowed users to play Bermuda Remastered, Bermuda, and Kalahari.

To commemorate the map’s debut, a few events have been added to the battle royale game, and users are ecstatic. They can earn a range of incentives, including a 7-day trial for bundles, vouchers, and the Woodpecker Crimson Heir, a permanent gun skin.

Steps to get the permanent Woodpecker Crimson Heir skin in Free Fire this week

Players can get a free permanent gun skin from this event by playing for 30 minutes (Image via Free Fire)

Free Fire’s “4-Everyday Play Reward” event includes the Woodpecker Crimson Heir. It will begin on November 14th, and users will only be able to get the exclusive gun skin for free on that day.

All participants must do is complete the objective of playing 30 minutes of Free Fire. The skin will be available for redemption once they have completed it. They will also be eligible for a free Diamond Royale Voucher.

Woodpecker Crimson Heir in Free Fire (Image via Free Fire)

Woodpecker Crimson Heir’s effects in Free Fire are as follows:

“+”Armor Penetration: “+”Movement Speed: “-“Magazine: “+”Armor Penetration: “+”Movement Speed: “-“

(“+” denotes an increase, whereas “-” denotes a drop)

How to Redeem the Crimson Heir of the Woodpecker
Following the steps outlined below after finishing the task on the designated day:

Step 1: On the main lobby screen, they must tap the “Calendar” icon. This will bring them to the game’s events tab.

To begin with, gamers have to tap on this icon (Image via Free Fire)

Step 2: After that, players should select “CS New Map Launch” and then “4-Everyday Play Reward” from the event area.

Step 3: Next to the needed prize, a “Claim” button will appear, which will add the skin to the player’s inventory.

The gun skin can then be installed in Free Fire’s “Weaponry” section.

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