How to unlock the M416 glacier skin in Battleground Mobile India?


Do you know what the most valuable item in Battleground India is? It’s the M416 glacier skin, which you can acquire for free from the BGMI classic crate. Kill effect, elimination broadcast, on-hit effect, final form, advanced form, and treasure crate are just a few of the distinctive aspects of the M416 glacier.

After level 1, you can access all of the glacier skin’s characteristics. However, you’ll need additional paint and resources from other places to improve the M416 glacier skin in BGMI.

However, the issue is that you must first acquire the glacier before you can upgrade it. So, in this post, we’ll go through how to increase your chances of getting M416 glacier skin in Battleground Mobile India.

Here’s how to unlock M416 glacier skin in BGMI

In battlefield mobile India, there are several sorts of luck draws, including the traditional crate, premium crate, supplier crate, luck crate, and spin. The M416 glacier, on the other hand, can only be found within the ‘traditional crate.’ The player receives a unique but random prize from each crate. Obtaining the mythic and legendary item, on the other hand, necessitates good fortune. If your luck is good, you may be able to obtain mythic and legendary things on the first try.

However, even if you spend UC, you may not receive the needed item if you have terrible luck. Here’s how likely you are to obtain the prize from each crate:

RareSilvers and Graffiti
EpicShoes, Pants, T-shirt, Cap, Mast, and parachute skin
LegendaryNormal outfits, backpack skins, pan skins, helmet skin, M416 glacier skin
MythicMythic Outfits and skins

So you know the BGMI M416 glacier skin is a legendary item with a 2.33 percent chance of appearing in the premium crate. Also, you can see that the legendary item has a higher chance of being obtained than the mythic item, but M416 glacier is a by-chance item. There is no technique or hack to acquire the M415 glacier skin in the first or second opportunity; it is entirely up on luck. However, following pointers can help you improve your chances of getting your preferred skin in BGMI;

Tap more than one time

Tap on the glacier skin 3-5 times continuously when opening the crate to acquire it with a high probability in BGMI.

Open at a suitable time.

The ideal time to unlock glacier skin in BGMI, according to an experienced player, is between 12 and 7 a.m. Few players are online at that time, thus the chances are higher.

Don’t skip

By not skipping, you can improve your chances. If you skip, your luck might not be on your side.

Open one by one

If you have ten boxes, for example, you should not open them all at once. But do so one at a time.

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