How to win more matches in Free Fire and boost your win ratio


Securing a Booyah in Free Fire becomes more difficult as your skill level rises. Bots are replaced by genuine players, and methods that were formerly effective have become obsolete.

Whatever the case may be, winning games and increasing the win ratio is not an insurmountable challenge. Every player can increase their win rate with a little practice, a little luck, and a few pointers.

Top five tips for increasing your victory rate in Free Fire 5) Passive or Aggressive playstyle is ideal.

5) Master one of the following playstyles: Passive or Aggressive

To improve their victory rate, they must first determine whatever playstyle suits them best and then practice it until it becomes second nature. There are a few different playstyles to choose from, but the two most popular are Passive and Aggressive.

Beginners, campers, and those who want to loot for decent stuff commonly choose the passive playstyle in Free Fire. The objective is to stay safe and avoid conflicts as much as possible while getting to the end zones.

An aggressive playstyle, on the other hand, frequently entails gamers deliberately seeking out opponents for eliminations. During a match, their purpose is to earn as many eliminations as possible.

In Free Fire, both playstyles are feasible, but users must choose which one best suits them. Once you’ve made your decision, all you have to do now is practice until it’s mastered.

4) After each rotation, try to maintain a high ground advantage.

In Free Fire, rotating is extremely important. It enables players to stay ahead of their opponents in order to avoid being pinned down or to position themselves behind opponents in order to eliminate them quickly.

While rotating itself is a powerful tactic when executed properly, gamers should try and secure high ground after every rotation to make the most of it. This will ensure that they have a clear line of sight and will be able to spot enemies coming from afar.

Additionally, it will also allow users to locate the next area they want to rotate to.

3) During a 1v1, try to open engagement from afar

In order to improve their win ratio in Free Fire, players must win every combat in order to earn a Booyah. While it may appear to be a difficult undertaking, there is a simple approach to increase your chances of winning every engagement.

Gamers should always try to fire the initial few shots from a distance during a 1v1 battle. If you manage to inflict damage on your opponent, they will be forced to hide and heal, effectively wasting their medkits and, if they are on open terrain, even their gloo walls.

2) Always loot early in the game before fighting.

When it comes to improving your victory ratio in Free Fire, one of the most important things to remember is to loot as much as possible. Users frequently land, grab a weapon, then spread out in pursuit of eliminations.

While this strategy may work for some, it is unlikely that it will work for everyone, and some people may be eliminated early. To circumvent this, players must loot as much as possible in order to obtain high-quality weapons, armor, and supplies. It will be impossible to win a match without these tools.

1) To increase damage output, concentrate on landing headshots.

Landing headshots in Free Fire is more than simply a way to show off your prowess. They are by far the most effective means of eliminating foes swiftly and effectively while avoiding injury.

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