“Hurry up,” Paul Wight says, requesting that AEW place him in a match against his dream opponent.


AEW analyst Paul Wight is eager to meet his dream opponent Shaquille O’Neal, claiming that the match must take place quickly before it becomes “old news.”

Despite being introduced as both a broadcaster and an in-ring performer for AEW, Paul Wight has yet to enter the squared circle in Tony Khan’s promotion. Fans have been clamoring to see Wight face off against some of AEW’s biggest names, but the promotion appears to be clinging to life for some reason.

Paul Wight discusses a potential battle with Shaquille O’Neal, among other things, in a recent interview with the Miami Herald. The AEW star expressed his hope that the match happens soon, as it has been teased for years.

Wight added that if the fight cannot live up to the hype, it should be canceled or held shortly before fan interest dwindles.

“At some time, I hope so. For how many years has Shaq vs. me been the biggest tease ever? You either never do it because you can’t live up to the promise, or you have to hurry up and do it before it becomes old news “Paul Wight remarked. (H/T – Fierce)

The bout between Wight and Shaquille O’Neal was initially previewed on an edition of RAW in 2009, when the basketball legend acted as a special guest referee in a tag team match between the former Big Show and Wight.

At WrestleMania 32, Shaq and Wight had another encounter as they took part in the Andre The Giant Battle Memorial.

Shaquille O’Neal’s recent performance in AEW has been praised by Paul Wight.

Shaquille O’Neal’s performance on the March 3rd episode of AEW Dynamite, in which he teamed up with Jade Cargill to defeat Cody Rhodes and Red Velvet, was praised by Paul Wight.

Apart from Shaq, Wight praised the performance of the other fighters in the fight. He ended by expressing his optimism and eagerness to wrestle Shaq in AEW soon.

It was an excellent match. Shaq played an excellent job in that match, in my opinion. Cody had a good time as well. In that bout, I saw Cody do a lot of stuff that he used to do against me. ‘I’ve seen Cody fight the same manner against another tall guy,’ I thought. Shaq performed a fantastic job. That was also one of Jade’s first bouts, and she performed admirably. For Jade and Red Velvet, it was a crucial match. For everyone concerned, the event turned out to be a huge success. I’m hoping to get a chance to wrestle Shaq, but who knows. Hopefully, the powers that be and the way the world operates. “What I need to discuss with Shaq is establishing a Krispy Kreme franchise,” Paul Wight stated.

Though Shaq’s wrestling future is unknown, a return to AEW is a possibility, given how well his first appearance in the promotion was received by fans and critics alike.

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