“I felt that was strange because I was a budget cut,” Buddy Murphy said. WWE feared Buddy Murphy had a 30-day non-compete and offered to extend it.


The former Aleister Black made his AEW Dynamite debut last night. Buddy Murphy, WWE worried, could be able to do something similar, but their contracts were muddled up.

Buddy Murphy spoke with Sean Ross Sapp of Fightful about his WWE career and future intentions in his first post-WWE interview. When the non-compete clause was brought up, Murphy claimed that WWE had called him and offered to extend it if it wasn’t their regular 90-day contract:
“The day after I was freed, I received a phone call from the office saying that they messed up and my contract was only a 30-day non-compete and that if I wanted to extend it to 90 days, they would do it for me,” Buddy Murphy stated. “I felt that was strange because I was on a budget cut, yet you’re willing to pay me for another two months, but it wasn’t me.” I received my mail, which stated that it was due on August 31.’When it comes to the visa situation, the more time I have to prepare, the better.’ Even if they offered me a way out, I’d have to take it for the sake of my life. They mistook me for someone else. When I told them it wasn’t because I’d received a letter, their voice changed from terror to relaxation, and they moved on.”

Buddy Murphy stated, “I think they panicked and definitely got the names jumbled up.” “It wasn’t me, but it was someone. Buddy and Aleister might have gotten confused up. They’re both Bs, whether Buddy or Black. I was the one who was called, not the other way around. You hear all kinds of stuff, such as the trash bag incident, and I’m a really open-minded person who isn’t impacted by it. I make an effort to see both sides of a story. I don’t believe there was any malice behind the waste bag, but I understand that it’s not a nice look. Do I believe there was genuine malice in the attempt to sabotage (talent)? No, I don’t think so. Once you’ve been released and your life has changed, this is definitely a sh**** thing to do.”
It’s really a perplexing scenario. Why would WWE offer to extend someone’s contract and pay them more money if they are actually concerned about budget cuts? When it comes to what they tell the artist when they’re being discharged, something doesn’t add up.
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The transcription of this interview was provided by Fightful.

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