In 2021, here are the 30 finest Free Fire OB28 guild names with attractive symbols and fonts.


Players in Free Fire can form guilds, invite friends, and compete in Battle Royale bouts together. Mobile gamers, on the other hand, must keep in mind that joining a guild will cost them money.

With their stylish and unusual names, players like to stand out from the crowd. So people may go to sites like,, and others to personalize their nicknames with cool fonts and weird symbols.

They can also choose their guild name when they create a guild. Users can change the name of their guild at any time, but it will cost them diamonds.

Most desirable Free Fire OB28 guild names with stylish symbols

1. Mⱥ͢͢͢D Men

2. $τar$

3. @[email protected]🔱

4. Ɱonster$

5. J*O*K*E*R*S

6. Re-iηɔคrηคtion꧂

7. Ƒΐr𝖊 Kΐngs

8. Ꝉօաҟҽվʂ

9. CØᴍᴍⱥndØs

10. Ƒoℝ𝓌aℝds

11. 丹รรaรsiήs

12. ★Claή Goals★

13. HuntsmΣn

14. TyЯaŇŇy

15. 丂ωєєт 丂умρнσηιєѕ

16. Ꝉҽąժҽ͢͢͢ɾʂ

17. Rookiᵉʂ

18. Fig𝕙ters

19. Ƥr𐍉 Ƥlayєrs

20. FØ𝕣ᴍidable Foes

21. Mi§cℝeαnts

22. ℑήvᎥncᎥ多le

23. Bบff Ǥบys

24. Teภαci𐍉u$

25. 𝓝𝕚͢͢͢𝖓jⱥs

26. Ra∂iaήce

27. SΉa∂ow͢͢͢

28. 𒆜Dy͢͢͢ήⱥᴍi¢ Allies𒆜

29. ⩻Շєภaςเoยร⩼

30. 𒅒🆅engeance

Players can follow the steps below to form their own guilds in Free Fire:

  1. They will have to open the game and click on the Guilds icon.
  2. Users then need to select the “Create Guild” option.
  3. They can set a name for their choice for the guild.
  4. Gamers must make the necessary payments. Mobile gamers need to pay either 5000 Gold or 1000 Diamonds to create guilds.
  5. They should head to the Member List and choose the Invite option.
  6. Users may click on the guild created and tap the “Guild Invite” option to invite friends.

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