In 2021, here are the top 5 Minecraft Pocket Edition seeds for Coral Reefs.


Many gorgeous blocks can be found in Minecraft, which players can employ to create appealing and functional structures. Coral reefs, on the other hand, are one of those blocks that are mostly employed for ornamentation in most underwater structures.

Coral reefs, with the exception of deep oceans, can be found in warm ocean biomes. They can be found in a variety of coral clusters, coral blocks, and coral fans. Dead coral, diorite, andesite, and granite have all been found in these clusters. If a coral reef is not near to a water block, it will rot and become dead coral.

Minecraft seeds with coral close to spawn are popular among players who want to create an underwater structure or any building using coral. The best five Minecraft seeds with coral reefs for Pocket Edition are discussed in this article.

Minecraft Pocket Edition’s best coral reef seeds

5) Coral reef survival seed

Coral reef

Seed: 2104241268

Coral reef spawning coordinates

2932 36 44 is the coordinates of a shipwreck.

Ruins #1 is located at 2924 31 -4.

Ruins #2 – Location: 2901 36 188

2981 63 236 is the coordinates for the Iceberg Biome.

Because several structures are close to the spawn place, this seed is ideal for creating a survival world. Players can collect commodities like iron ores, food, and more from these constructions, which might help them get started on their survival world quest.

4) Huge Coral reef at spawn


Seed: 1091912512

The island on which players will spawn is surrounded by a large coral reef in this seed. This seed is a must-try for anyone aiming to develop an ocean base.

3) Island spawn with coral reef next to it

Coral reef

Seed: -1278051279

Players will spawn next to a plains biome island on a beach. On the beach or when swimming in the ocean, players may be able to find turtles near to their spawns. Like the last seed, this one features a large coral reef next to the spawn island.

2) Coral reef right under spawn


Seed: -1537918027

The players are spawned on the edge of an island close to a warm ocean biome with a coral reef in this seed. In this coral reef, players will encounter a vast range of aquatic creatures as well as possibly a handful of dolphins.

1) Shipwreck in coral reef


Seed: 1091912512

A shipwreck has been taken over by a coral reef that is right next to spawn. Shipwrecks have chests that can have wheat, carrot, and leather armor, which will be helpful in the early stages of a survival world.

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