In 2021, the ten finest free Fire pet skins to earn with Diamonds are as follows


One of the most popular battle royale games in the community is Free Fire. Even while its popularity stems primarily from its availability on low-cost Android devices, there are several characteristics that are distinctive and draw gamers in.

The availability of pets in the game is one such example. These dogs have unique skills that gamers can exploit to get an advantage in Free Fire. Free Fire pets, like other goods like as weapons and loot, have a variety of skins that can be purchased for Diamonds. The top ten free Fire pet skins in the game will be discussed in this post.

Free Fire: 10 of the greatest pet skins available in return for Diamonds Moony Crystal

One of the most sought-after cosmetics for Free Fire pets is the Crystal Moony skin.

This cosmetic may be purchased for 699 Diamonds from the Item Shop.

Hip Hop Panda

The lovely little creature from Free Fire now comes in a flashier variant that costs 699 Diamonds. The Hip Hop Panda, who wears a stylish jacket and dazzling jewelry, is a really great asset to own in the game and costs 699 Diamonds.

Polar Panda

Everyone loves Panda’s other skin, and with winter on the way, it goes without saying that everyone would like to have some warmth around them.

The Polar Panda costume shows the beloved mascot dressed in a colorful ensemble. It surely brings warmth connected with the winter’s blessings, but it also underlines the chill of the season. This outfit can be purchased for 699 Diamonds.

Lightning Panda

With the Lightning Panda in tow, don’t be surprised if you notice a flash around your periphery. The garment, which costs 699 Diamonds and depicts the pet in a legendary avatar, is available for purchase.

Skull Panda

With Halloween approaching in less than a week, the Skull Panda skin is the perfect way to amp up the spooky quotient of Free Fire.

The Panda suit will be available for 299 Diamonds and will sport a terrifying skeleton appearance.

Lucky Green

Shiba’s Lucky Green skin is a small but beneficial investment in Free Fire. The attire, which costs 299 Diamonds, includes the popular pet in green camouflage, allowing it to sneak around and advance in the game without being noticed.


For 699 Diamonds, you can get the Spirit skin for your Night Panther pet in Free Fire. The merciless beast is dressed in a scarlet overall that exudes a mysterious aura that is enough to scare adversaries.

Golden Leopard

The Golden Leopard is a variant of the Night Panther pet that costs 699 Diamonds.

This attire has a royal appearance and will undoubtedly attract the attention of your opponents.


The Night Panther’s Domination costume is designed to instill dread among foes, as the name suggests.

The two-tone suit, which features a brilliant yellow and purple colour, is stunning. It’s a steal to get this outfit for 699 Diamonds.

Magnetic Pup

When it comes to choosing a companion for a Free Fire duel, the Mechanical Pup is highly popular.

The Magnetic Pup costume chooses its target based on instinct, giving the gamer a significant advantage. This outfit costs 299 Diamonds and would be a great addition to anyone’s collection.

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