In 2021, the top three overpowered Free Fire characters will be nerfed


Each character in Free Fire is endowed with a unique set of abilities, which has increased their importance over the years. Garena has added a range of new characters in the last few updates, offering a diverse range of players.

Due to several of the characters’ skills being too effective in the past, the developers have reworked and tweaked them, particularly in the previous five patches. This has brought about a balanced experience in terms of the characters.

Andrew The Fierce (one of the Free Fire characters who was nerfed in 20213)

Wolfpack received a minor nerf (Image via Free Fire)

Andrew the Fierce is Andrew’s awoken form, which was released in May of this year. Wolf Pack is the name of his ability. At the time of its introduction, it increased the armor damage reduction by 8%.

As a result, every teammate who has this skill receives an additional 15% damage reduction. When the entire squad was armed with this skill, it became far too powerful.

As a result, the damage mitigation bonus was reduced by a few percentage points in the OB30 release. At the six tiers, it is now fixed at 5/7/8/9/10/11 percent.

2) Wukong

Camouflage was first reworked and then nerfed (Image via Free Fire)

Wukong is one of the game’s oldest characters, having initially appeared in early 2019. The character’s ability – Camouflage was the game’s first active skill that had become ineffective over time.

In the OB27 update, the ability was updated to match the game’s other available options. The ability gained two new features: the ability’s cooldown was reset when the players defeated their enemies, and the ability’s camouflage was cancelled when they fired a weapon.

Users soon began to employ it heavily in Clash Squad mode, which necessitated multiple close-range combats. It became more difficult for others to eliminate gamers who were camouflaged.

The devs nerfed the Wukong character in the OB30 update by adding a new facet to the overall ability, reducing movement speed by 20% anytime the ability was engaged.

1) Chronology

Chrono was nerfed multiple times (Image via Free Fire)

After collaborating with Cristiano Ronaldo on the Free Fire OB25 update, Chrono was released and quickly became the most popular character. The ability was just overwhelming at the time, since users could construct a force field every 40 seconds and cover one after another if everyone in the squad had it.

However, the character’s ability was nerfed in the OB27 update because it was superior to all other active abilities.

First, the duration of abilities was lowered by one second, and movement speed was much improved. Furthermore, the cooldown was raised by a factor of several. The character was once again nerfed with the OB30 update, with reduced skill duration and movement speed. The cooling time was also raised at the same time.

In the most recent Free Fire update, the ability was completely overhauled, and players can no longer shoot from within. In addition, the movement speed benefit has been removed entirely. To compensate, the duration has been extended and the cooldown has been reduced.

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