In a single game, eight Premier League players each had four assists.


All footballers are capable of passing the ball. Even professional footballers, on the other hand, find it difficult to execute a precisely threaded through-pass. Making critical passes and creating opportunities for your teammates game after game is something that only the most imaginative stars are capable of.

Assists are difficult to come by, especially when you have to rely on the player who made that perfect pass to clinically slot the ball past the goalkeeper. As a result, breaking assist records is difficult.

Thierry Henry still owns the record for most assists in a league season (20), which Kevin de Bruyne recently surpassed but was unable to beat. Ryan Giggs still maintains the record for most career assists (162) with more than 40 more than the next player on the list.

Neither Giggs nor Henry, on the other hand, are members of the Premier League’s most exclusive record club: aiding your teammates four times in a single Premier League game! In reality, just eight players in the Premier League’s history have accomplished such a remarkable feat.

Paul Pogba joined the club today, triggering elite classification by assisting Bruno Fernandes (2), Mason Greenwood, and Fred on four goals. So, without further ado, here is a list of the eight players who have all had four assists in a single Premier League game at some point in their careers.

Dennis Bergkamp (#8) | Arsenal (1999)

Dennis Bergkamp of Arsenal with the Premier League Goal of the Season award

Dennis Bergkamp was the iconic great who opened up this private club in 1999. He was one of the most imaginative attackers to ever play for the Gunners. The Dutchman, who is quick on his feet and has amazing vision like a midfielder, scored four goals against Leicester City.

Nicolas Anelka, an Arsenal prodigy, had the majority of the four assists on the night, scoring a great hat-trick and assisting his team-mate in setting a new record.

Bergkamp was a legendary footballer who had many memorable moments and performances, particularly in the final third. But that four-assist performance has to be his greatest ever.

Jose Antonio Reyes (#7) | Arsenal (2006-07)

Manchester City v Arsenal

This was the game in which Arsenal hosted Middlesbrough at Highbury and thrashed them 7-0. Thierry Henry received a lot of praise for his clinical goal-scoring performance and hat-trick, but his exploits were nothing compared to what Jose Antonio Reyes performed in that game.

The late Spaniard wowed Middlesbrough with every spin, twist, and pass. He had already contributed four assists to his team’s cause before the game was done. Reyes became only the second player in Premier League history to attain elite classification with his performance on that day.

Cesc Fabregas (#6) | Arsenal (2009-2010)

Everton v Arsenal

The former Arsenal great is well-known for having the second-highest number of assists in Premier League history. While he has 42 fewer assists than Giggs’ incredible 162, he beats the Manchester United veteran in another category: four assists in a single Premier League game.

In a 6-2 triumph over Blackburn Rovers in 2009, Fabregas was a standout for Wenger’s team. The former Barcelona player, who dominated the midfield for the whole of the game, scored a goal and assisted a record four goals for his teammates. He became only the third player in history to accomplish this feat in that match.

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