In Battlegrounds Mobile India, how to hit accurate headshots (BGMI)


Many battle royale mobile gamers in India are excited to play Battlegrounds Mobile (Early Access). Some players, notably iOS mobile gamers, are eagerly anticipating the game’s final release.

In a battle royale game, headshots can be difficult, especially for beginners, and this article can assist them learn a few tactics and tricks.

In Battlegrounds Mobile India, here are some tips and tactics for hitting perfect headshots.

#1 – Sensitivity Settings

It’s important for players to remember that accurate headshots are all about sensitivity. However, before replicating someone else’s sensitivity, gamers must understand their own playstyle and preferences. In Battlegrounds Mobile India, players can alter their camera sensitivity and ADS sensitivity to improve their performance.

The recoil of the pistol used by mobile gamers should always be minimized. They’ll be able to aim better and get better outcomes while finishing an enemy with a headshot this manner.

#2 – Gyroscope support

Many gamers dislike using gyroscopes, but they do have some advantages. A gyroscope’s job is to detect device motion and assist mobile gamers in controlling their recoil.

Players must enable the gyroscope settings for the best performance when it comes to headshots. Beginners are recommended not to turn it on unless they have a firm understanding of its benefits and drawbacks.

#3 – Scopes

To be good at headshots, you need more than a great sniper. Players must also look for a suitable scope in order to achieve the best possible aim.

While an AWM with an 8X scope is the greatest combo, these goods are hard to come by, as they are mainly obtained by airdrop. In Battlegrounds Mobile India, players can choose between a Moshin Nagant and a 6X scope combination.

#4 – Practice

While practice will not make a player perfect, it will undoubtedly bring him or her closer to success. In Battlegrounds Mobile India, players can practice their headshots in Arcade mode.

Arcade mode allows mobile gamers to adequately prepare for ranking battle royale bouts. Players must, as always, spend their time to the game.

Note: This is a beginner’s guide. While some may consider these stages to be self-evident, many new players look for โ€œnewbieโ€ tips and tricks.

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