In BGMI, how do you get to conqueror? India’s mobile battleground


Every Battleground Mobile India (BGMI) player aspires to be a victor. Why? Because achieving the top position improves their reputation, confidence, and skill. Because the season-long only lasts a month, it’s a little tough to get a conqueror in BGMI under the new rank system (cycle season). In any case, players must demonstrate their prowess in 4 weeks or less.

Today, we’ll go through how to get to the conqueror rank in battlefield mobile India’s TPP squad mode. However, you should be aware that TPP squad matchups are quite competitive. To achieve conqueror rank, you must first focus on the following fundamentals:

Buy the best headphone. Play on the best device. (Better processor and RAM) Play on high-speed internet. Spend more time- Play at least 7-8 hours daily to reach your destination.

Here are the tips to reach in conqueror tier in BGMI

Choose the right squad.

In the TPP squad mode, you’ll be up against a lot of experienced gamers in the battleground. As a result, you’ll require a top-notch team to reap the following benefits:

To share supplies, Maintain communication, Decision making To give cover fire. The right partner will try to win for themselves and also for you.

Start immediately

You should begin your rank-pushing mission as soon as the new season begins. Because you know that in order to push tier to conqueror, you need to be in the top 500 and have 4200 points. As a result, if you begin on the first day, you will get at your destination sooner. If you skip a single day, though, you will be given some challenges to complete in order to earn the requisite points and position. Furthermore, the fierce rivalry will irritate you. As a result, the sooner you begin, the faster you will rise through the ranks of BGMI conqueror.

Select best drop point

The greatest technique for completing your assignment swiftly is to choose your drop site before landing on the island. Any map’s drop point should be secure and full of goodies. So, to gain some advantages, I recommend that you drop into the designated area of the Erangle map. You will collect enough treasure and remain safe till 1-2 zones in these locations. You won’t have to worry about the point minus if you make it to the second zone.

Try long-range battle

Another good idea for getting finishes and surviving time is to fight from a long distance. So, if you’ve gathered enough treasure, stay in the middle or on the surface of a safe zone, such as a squad house compound, to ensure you have plenty of cover. You may also easily handle your opponent in the safe zone. But don’t try to charge your opponent unless you’ve prepared for it. Instead of going for the long-range, close in on your opponent and finish them. So, to become a conqueror in battleground mobile India, try fighting your opponent from a distance of 300-600 meters (BGMI).

Frequently asked questions

Can I reach in conqueror in BGMI within 1 day?

No one can play BGMI nonstop for 24 hours. You can become a conqueror in two days if you play the game for 15 hours a day without making any mistakes.

How many points are needed to get the conqueror title in BGMI?

Your position in the battleground Mobile India should be in the top 500, and you must score 4200 points to achieve the conqueror title.

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