In Black Ops Cold War Season 4, learn how to use the Hand Cannon appropriately.


Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War received a lot of new content in Season 4, including the new Hand Cannon.

The Hand Cannon is a scorestreak that has been added to Black Ops Cold War season after season. Despite its resemblance to the Desert Eagle from previous Call of Duty games, it is not a weapon that can be added to a player’s loadout.

Instead, you must acquire the Hand Cannon scoring streak. It’s similar to other scorestreak weapons like the War Machine or the Death Machine, all of which are lethal options with a limited quantity of ammo.

Hand Cannon details in Black Ops Cold War and how to use the weapon

Players must obtain the Hand Cannon before they may utilize it in a Black Ops Cold War battle. To unlock the weapon, you must have a score of 2800. It’s not simple to get a score streak for many players, but it can be earned a few times in a solid match.

As a result, players must understand how to use the Hand Cannon effectively. The weapon has an 8-shot magazine and is a one-shot death weapon. This implies that there isn’t much space for error.

The Hand Cannon, like the War Machine and the Death Machine, can be equipped and dismounted at will as long as the player does not die. However, as soon as a shot is fired with the weapon, it will vanish upon death.

The Hand Cannon has an unusual iron sight that may confuse players. It’s not your typical pistol sight; instead, it’s a laser sight with a built-in iron on top. In Black Ops Cold War, it appears awkward and may take some getting used to.

The Hand Cannon’s devastating speed distinguishes it from other alternatives. Even with a shot to the foot, players will go down swiftly with good accuracy. Furthermore, the bullet velocity is really high.

Finally, the Hand Cannon can be utilized to deliver massive damage to opponent scorestreaks, although in Black Ops Cold War, infantry kills are favored.

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