In Clash Squad Season 7, here are the 5 greatest Free Fire dogs to combine with DJ Alok for easy Booyah.


DJ Alok is among the most popular Free Fire characters and is the in-game persona of Alok Petrillo, a renowned Brazilian DJ. His ability, “Drop the Beat”, makes him an excellent choice as it creates an aura restoring 5 HP for 10 seconds. It also increases the movement speed of the players by 15%.

Clash Squad Season 7 commenced this month, and a new rank, i.e., Grandmaster, was added. A lot of players yearn to reach the higher tiers and push their ranks. Having appropriate pets can also affect the performance on the battlefield due to the skills that they possess.

This article lists out the best Free Fire pets that users can pair with DJ Alok for easy Booyah.

Disclaimer: This article is based on the preference of the writer. The choice of pets is an individual decision, and prioritizing one over the other solely depends on an individual’s playing style.

Best pets to pair with DJ Alok in Free Fire

1) Rockie

Skill: Stay Chill

Rockie is the perfect companion for DJ Alok in Clash Squad mode. The base level of this skill can reduce the cooldown time of the equipped active ability by 6%. At the maximum level, the same becomes 15%.

This can help reduce the cooldown in DJ Alok’s ability, meaning that players would use it at smaller intervals.

2) Detective Panda

Detective Panda in Free Fire

Skill: Panda’s Blessings

Detective Panda comes with the “Panda’s Blessings” ability that gives players 4 HP after killing an opponent at level 1. As soon as the pet climbs to level 3 (maximum), the HP that the users gain with every frag becomes 10.

A skill like this could prove extremely useful, and the HP which is restored could come in handy for the players.

3) Spirit Fox

Spirit Fox in Free Fire

Skill: Well Fed

The next pet on this list is Spirit Fox, which has a skill called “Well Fed.” Using this skill, players can restore four extra HP via a health pack.

Upon reaching the highest level of Spirit Fox, it replenishes 10 additional HP. Instead of gaining the usual 75 HP from each medkit, players would rather be gaining 85 HP from them.

4) Dreki

Dreki in Free Fire

Skill: Dragon Glare

Dreki is another decent option to pair with DJ Alok. The effect lasts for three seconds and detects one foe utilizing Medkit in a radius of 10m.

Meanwhile, the user can spot four enemies within 30m at the max level of the pet as they use a Medkit. This ability lasts for five seconds.

5) Beaston

Skill: Helping Hand

Beaston is the final pet and has the “Helping Hand” ability, which increases the throwing distance of Grenade, Goo Wall, Flashbang, and Smoke Grenade by 10%.

At skill level 3, the throwing distance increases by 30%. In this way, players can employ throwable items such as grenades better.

Note: All pets on the list can be acquired for 699 diamonds via the in-game store.

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