In Free Fire, here are 5 ways to help you enhance your close-range combat skills


In Free Fire, close-range combat is rather common. On their quest to be the last person/team standing, gamers frequently come face to face with opponents. Following that, there is a lot of action and a firefight between the two parties.

In this case, there is no assurance that players will come out on top. Success is solely dependent on the skill set possessed by gamers. However, there are a few pointers in Free Fire that can help you enhance your close-range combat skills.

Moving around in Free Fire all the time can help you do better in close-range combat (and 4 more tips)

1) Sensitivity

Before players begin any competitive match, the Sensitivity settings for Free Fire should be modified. The game comes with a default set of options that may or may not be appropriate for players’ gaming.

As a result, increasing the sensitivity settings will make things easier for players, and they will be able to easily outperform their opponents in close-range battle.

2) Get the perfect weapon

Close-range fighting necessitates players dealing more damage to their opponent in a shorter amount of time. As a result, players should always use weapons that reload quickly and fire quickly.

Assault rifles and SMGs are the greatest options for this, as they both check all of the boxes. Shotguns can also be used in Free Fire because they deliver more damage than the other weapons. However, because it is sluggish to load and has a small magazine size, gamers must be precise when utilizing it.

3) Move constantly

Players should not stay in one position and fire at opponents during close-range combat. The enemy will be able to estimate where to fire and eliminate the player as a result of this.

During close-range combat, players should not stay in one place and fire at their opponents. As a result, the enemy will be able to predict where to fire and so eliminate the player.

4) Use utility items

During close-range fighting, utility items, particularly gloo barriers, come in helpful. Players that want to succeed in these situations should make good use of the utility items.

A tried and true method is to use the gloo wall as a cover or even to trap the enemy. Surprising the opponent with explosives and smoke grenades also works wonders. Because Free Fire has a large number of utility items, players should take advantage of them to obtain an advantage in close-range combat.

5) Get the first shot

During close-range combat, the person who fires the first shot has an edge over the other. Gamers should always be aware of their surroundings, and they should engage in close-range combat initially if possible.

In Free Fire, this would deliver more damage to the enemy and make them easier to destroy in close-range battle.

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