In Free Fire, here are the top 5 pets to team with Dimitri.


Characters have been added to Free Fire on a regular basis to provide players more alternatives. Dimitri is a new character in the battle royale game, and he is modeled on the well-known DJ “Dimitri Vegas.”

“Healing Heartbeat” is one of the character’s abilities. At the highest level, a 3.5m-diameter healing zone appears, allowing players and allies to regain 3 HP every second.

Furthermore, they can self-recover to stand up after being knocked unconscious. This talent has a 15-second cooldown and a 60-second cooldown.

Here are the pets that users can combine with Dimitri.

It should be noted that the choice of pet is entirely subjective. The following list is based on the writer’s preference, and the reader’s point of view may differ.

Dimitri’s five most powerful pets in Free Fire

5) Dreki

Dreki (Image via Free Fire)
Dreki (Image via Free Fire)

Dragon’s Glare is a skill.
Dreki’s Dragon’s Glare makes it a good partner for Dimitri. Users with this pet can see an opponent utilizing medkits in a 10m radius for 3 seconds if they have it equipped.

As the level progresses, the same skill improves, and at its peak, players will be able to see four enemies utilizing medkits from a distance of 30 meters. The skill’s duration is also increased to 5 seconds.

4) Ottero

Ottero (Image via Free Fire)
Ottero (Image via Free Fire)

The next pet on the list is Ottero, who is a good choice. When utilizing a treatment pistol or medkit, it has a skill called Double Blubber, which restores some EP. The EP obtained is equivalent to 35% of the HP recovered.

The EP acquired increases to 65 percent when the pet reaches its maximum level, which can be rather useful.

3) Falco

Falco (Image via Free Fire)
Falco (Image via Free Fire)

Skyline Spree is a skill.
Falco is one of the best pets to have in the Battle Royale mode. In the Clash Squad mode, however, it’s quite useless. At level 1, Skyline Spree boosts speed by 15% and 25% during skydiving and after the parachute opens, respectively.

The pace of skydiving is increased by 45 percent, and the rate after jumping is increased by 50 percent at the maximum level, which applies to all team members.

2) Mr. Waggor

Mr Waggor (Image via Free Fire)
Mr Waggor (Image via Free Fire)

Smooth Gloo, this pet’s one-of-a-kind ability, is crucial in BR mode. Mr. Waggor can make gloo wall grenades every 120 seconds at the base level if users don’t have any.

When gamers have less than two gloo walls after reaching the top level, Mr. Waggor will produce a gloo wall every 100 seconds.

1) Rockie

Rockie (Image via Free Fire)
Rockie (Image via Free Fire)

Stay Calm is a skill.
Rockie is an excellent choice for characters who have an active ability. The pet’s skill reduces the cooldown of the attached active ability by 6% at level one. It reduces the cooldown by 15% at the maximum level.

There is a 60-second cooldown on Dimitri’s ability. It would take 15 percent less time with Rockie, or 51 seconds.

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