In Free Fire, here’s how to get the renowned Ryu Backpack skin for free.


In June, the Free Fire x Street Fighter collaboration was initially announced and players were extremely excited about what the developers would introduce into the game. A few days ago, many events were unveiled, and various themed items, including skins, costumes and more, were added.

One of the events named “Fighter Mission” provides players with an opportunity of obtaining the exclusive “Ryu Backpack” skin. The details about it have been revealed today by the developers.

A step-by-step guide to obtaining the legendary Ryu Backpack skin in Free Fire

The “Fighter Mission” event will only be available on July 10th. During the date, players will have to complete a particular requirement to obtain the Ryu Backpack skin, i.e., playing a total of five matches.

Here are the steps that players can follow to claim the skin on the day the event becomes available:

Step 1: Players must open Free Fire and click on the “Calendar” icon as shown in the picture below:.

Step 2: Next, navigate through the “Free Fighter” tab and click on the “Fighter Mission” option.

Step 3: Users will find a “Claim” button beside the reward. Upon clicking on it, the backpack skin will be redeemed.

There would be a claim button present beside the reward

Players will be able to claim it from the “Collection” section.

Note: The event is yet to begin, and players will be eligible to obtain the backpack skin once it starts in Free Fire.

Dates (Calendar) for Free Fire x Street Fighter events:

  • Free Fighter: July 2nd – July 18th
  • Aftermatch Drop: July 2nd – July 18th (White Arcade Controller)
  • Free Fighter Login: July 4th – July 15th
  • Shiba Challenge: July 3rd – July 9th
  • Aftermatch Drop: July 10th – July 18th (Red Arcade Controller)
  • Shiba Fighter: July 10th – July 18th
  • Check In Rewards: July 10th
  • Fighter Missions: July 10th
  • Knockout Arcade: July 2nd – July 11th

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